August 2012

Rapid Fat Loss F.A.Q.

Holy smokes! 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge spots are getting snapped up like crazy ... 16 taken in the first 24 hours. Only 9 left before we hit our 25 person limit - grab yours here: === >> FVT Back-to-School Rapid Fat Loss Challenge   I also wanted to shoot out a quick email [...]

For the upcoming Labor Day Weekend, the group/boot camp schedule will be as follows: Saturday, September 1st - 8am and 9am group/boot camp classes (regular schedule) Monday, September 3rd (Labor Day) - special 8am and 9am group/boot camp classes ONLY - no early morning or evening times will be offered. Thanks, sorry for any inconvenience, [...]

FVT Boot Camp Video

New FVT Boot Camp video - check it out: PS - Don't forget - the FVT Back-to-School 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge opens Monday - and the video above is just a small sample of the intense, fun, and RESULT-getting workouts you'll experience when you sign up!  Registration officially opens on Monday, so keep an eye on [...]

The FVT Back-to-School Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is coming VERY soon ... and to get you physically and mentally ready for what's to come, I've put together a complete (and free) 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint for you! I've outlined a complete  diet AND workout plan to help you lose as much fat as [...]

Eight short years ago, I was about sixty pounds overweight. I rationalized with myself DAILY about why it was "okay" for me to be the way I was.  But one night, on our way to the pizza place for a few (or more) slices, I was walking accross the street with my 300+ pound Olympic [...]

Last night's workout finished the first FVT Boot Camp Band Challenge!  I thought I'd post up the details here for your review, training/prep purposes and just to get you fired up ... The FVT Boot Camp Band Challenge involves various feats and demonstrations of overall physical fitness. Upon completion of each band challenge level, the participant [...]

FREE Calorie Counter

The MyFitnessPal application is a great way to track your food intake - which, as you know, is a key element of fat loss.  To quote their website: We believe — and medical studies prove — that the best way to lose weight and keep it off forever is to simply keep track of the [...]