October 2012

If you've been thinking about signing up for the upcoming Mindful Eating Workshop @ FVT ... today's message is a friendly reminder that it's your last chance to save! You still have just over 24 hours to save a few $$ on registration and get some special “fast-action” bonuses … click the link below to check [...]

Hey - Hope your workouts are going AWESOME this week!! We have a Mindful Eating workshop happening at the studio very soon, as well as LOTS of free info on how to use KB's for fat loss and an announcement about a new boot camp time for you today ... keep reading for more details [...]

Today is Wednesday. Hump day. And when it comes to dieting for fat loss ... it's THE day where you probably start to slide ... You start with the best of intentions on Monday.  You're fired up to "re-start" after the weekend and get things dialed in for the week. Tuesday's pretty good, too ... [...]

Why Most Diets Fail

Odds are you know WHAT to do when it comes to dieting for fat loss ... The tough part is actually DOING it :) And this is the exact reason why most diets fail. Sacramento Mindful Eating Expert Dr. Sean Cook wants to explain this concept in more detail - and what to do about [...]

Wow! We're still recovering from last weekend's FVT 2nd Anniversary Party ... it was a great success, and many thanks to everyone who attended. We'll have the full scoop on that for 'ya soon in our weekly update email ... But today's focus is our upcoming Mindful Eating Workshop! Learn about the Mindful Eating Workshop [...]

2011's FVT "re-grand opening" bash was awesome, and we've already confirmed attendance for at least 50% more folks this year ... it's one you won't want to miss!! This Saturday, October 13th at 9 am, we'll have: Two free 'Bring-A-Buddy' boot camps (just a few spots remain, please RSVP ASAP if you'll like to reserve [...]

The October 2012 Challenge Workout again, in case you missed it: KB Swings (two hand, one hand, or hand-to-hand – your choice) Push Ups (“regular” for guys, knees for gals) Body Weight Squats Plank Hold Jumping Jacks Get as many reps as you can of each exercise in one minute. Rest :30 between exercises. Upon [...]

October 2012 FVT Nutrition Challenge - Eat breakfast every day this week!   You know you need to be eating breakfast every day. But for a variety of reasons, you don't. Maybe the thought of food early in the morning doesn't sit well with you.  Maybe you're typically running short on time in the morning, [...]