April 2013

I posted this article and video up a few months ago on my personal blog at ForestVance.com ... and in light of our kettlebell and resistance band 20% off sale in the FVT Pro Shop this month, I thought I'd re-post it here for your benefit.  Enjoy! Kettlebells are a tool that can be used [...]

Hope you are having an awesome week!  Things have been crazy at the studio, as usual :) Anyway, FINALLY our 2013 Mud Run Event Prep program is organized and open for enrollment.  I am super excited.  Last year's program was SO much fun, and I know this year will be even better. Click the link [...]

Quick message for you today, with some very exciting news - Registration is now open for the June 15th FVT Kettlebell Workshop. => June 2013 FVT Kettlebell Workshop This is going to be the ULTIMATE kettlebell workout - held at my personal training studio in the Land Park area of Sacramento, CA. This time around, I'll [...]

Getting a healthy, balanced meal in the morning can be tough. Here are two quick 'n' easy healthy breakfast ideas to help you start your day off right:   Arlen's Morning Shake (thanks for contributing this one, Arlen!) 1 cup non-fat plain yogurt 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or non-fat milk) 1 apple – cored [...]

THANK YOU to all who participated in last week's charity boot camp event.  We had over 25 folks contribute to the cause, and raised a grand total of $801 for the Sacramento MDA - our most successful charity effort yet! Couple of photos from the action: Full house at the FVT studio  Erik going beast [...]

We finished up our first Rapid Fat Loss Challenge of 2013 about a week ago, and I am still just blown away at the results we achieved as a group. A couple of pretty darn impressive stats - Six people in double digits (that’s 10 pounds or more of weight loss in 30 days) 126.4 total pounds lost [...]

* If you missed the April 2013 FVT Challenge Workout, click here to see it now Official Results JJ 558 SS 521 SK 520 BK 510 LC 510 JM 506 MA 495 CC 489 SF 487 LA 482 MG 475 JB 470 BC 463 JC 456 KS 455 MW 451 GV 451 JM 432 EZ [...]