September 2013

WoW what a packed week! We got our 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challengers kicking butt, we’re getting geared up for our annual Anniversary Party at the studio, AND we’re working on TWO killer projects that’ll be coming your way in the next month. Rock on! Anyway, now that it’s Friday and things are settling [...]

Whew!  Whirlwind of a week so far ... was off to Vegas for about 36 hours for a GREAT business coaching event ... but now I'm back in Sac and ready to rock this afternoon with some great boot camp sessions!! Sign ups for the 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge are brisk.  If you've [...]

Quick link to check out the September 2013 Challenge Workout - in case you missed it: September 2013 FVT Challenge Workout And the results: RM 13:10 CA 14:08 SF 14:18 PK 15:20 BP 15:30 LC 15:48 JM 15:56 JV 16:29 MA 16:30 BC 17:00 RA 17:46 MP 17:54 BR 18:02 KP 18:22 AM 19:04 ST [...]

Whew!  The September 2013 FVT Challenge workout is a SMOKER ;) Check it out – do it – and let me know what you think: March 2013 FVT Challenge Workout 100 two hand KB swings (24k for men, 16k for women) 50 push ups (toes for men, knees for women) 10 x 10 yd shuttle [...]