January 2014

Another FVT Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is right around the corner.  We'll be opening registration early next week. Wanted to post a couple of videos that we shot last year at our "rapid fat loss end party" celebration to get you excited :) We brought the winners up to claim their prize(s) ... and on [...]

The NEW and updated-for-2014 version of the FVT 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint is now available. I've put together an all-new workout and meal plan to help you lose as much fat as humanly possible in 7 days - based on what's working NOW to get our clients at FVT such phenomenal results. We've [...]

I have a hybrid kettlebell strength workout for you today. The important thing to keep in mind, to get the very most out of this one, is to use the heaviest weight you can handle with perfect form. NOT so heavy that you get sloppy. But, you gotta challenge yourself. Otherwise, it won't be nearly [...]

  Today I wanted to share with you a few tips on how to stay fit while traveling. I just got back from a trip to Miami, and it was pretty brutal actually - drove to SF on Thursday morning ... took a 6 hour flight to Miami ... got in at 10pm and was [...]

... and the results are in!! Great work to everyone on last week's FVT Band Challenge. Lots of new bands earned - you are getting stronger and fitter as a group every day. Here's the band challenge in again, explained in detail - just in case you missed it: => January 2014 FVT Challenge Workout [...]

Meet Jim!

Jim came to me looking to prepare for the Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification. He had been training with kettlebells on his own for some time - and was doing well. But he needed to really dial things in with his technique, and get MENTALLY prepared, for the 25+ hours of kettlebell training he was going [...]

Not long ago, I had quite a different view on KB training. I thought I could just grab a kettlebell and start swinging it around after reading a few articles and watching a couple of YouTube videos. Boy, was I wrong :) Let's face it, kettlebells are an awesome training tool ... but if you [...]

New year, new set of FVT Challenge Workouts! We are going to make our Band Challenge one of our regular, re-curring challenge workouts this year.  And it's going to be our official Challenge Workout for January of 2014. It's already underway and we have several new grey and black band earners.  Stay tuned for the [...]