April 2014

Shoulder pain is something that has hindered my training on and off for the last decade. During my college and pro sports career (I played college football and had a 'cup of coffee' in the NFL), I had MANY injuries. I also lifted really heavy weights for more than a decade.  This is when it [...]

Some of the most common questions we get asked about our program from new/prospective clients are - "What do you guys actually DO at a FVT boot camp workout?" "How is a session structured?" "What kind of exercises do you do?" Etc. So we put together this 90 second video - "A Day at FVT [...]

The April 2014 FVT Challenge Workout is already underway - and we have several new grey and black band earners after just a few camps!  Stay tuned for the full report at the end of the week.   Here's a full rundown of the FVT Boot Camp Band Challenge (April's Challenge Workout): The FVT Boot [...]

The Story of Tucker

Tucker is eight years old. He recently arrived at the WEAVE Safehouse (our March 19th Charity Boot Camp effort is to support this great cause) with his mom, Janice, after the violence at home became life-threatening. In addition to physical abuse, both Janice and Tucker were repeatedly told they were stupid and insignificant. Sadly, Tucker [...]

Boy oh boy. The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event is happening at the end of this month, and somehow I have agreed to participate – AGAIN! Walk A Mile in Her Shoes is an international event in which men embrace the opportunity to raise awareness about the serious causes and effects of sexualized [...]