March 2015

Hey hey! Happy Monday. Just a few quick things for ya today: 1 - KCRA A-list Voting has been open for a couple of weeks now for the KCRA A-list ... we are a little late to the party, but still got to represent! Click HERE to go on the site and vote for FVT [...]

Meet Ruben and Jenny!

Ruben and Jenny were always very active and involved in sports in their younger days ... but after college, and especially when they started working full time, fitness was put on the back burner. They came to FVT looking for somewhere they could work out together. At the time, they were both tired at the [...]

Mentioned on Monday that we are wrapping up our 30 Day Performance Nutrition Challenge at FVT. I actually took the Challenge as myself this time around ... started a couple of days before everyone else, and yesterday was offically my last day. Wooo!! Time for a burrito and a beer :) Seriously though - I'm [...]

Boom!  2015 FVT March Challenge Workout is a wrap. Here's the workout again, in case you missed it: March 2015 Challenge Workout Men -- 15 chin ups -- 35 hanging knee raises -- 50 goblet squats w 24k KB -- 75 full push ups As fast as possible Women -- 35 hanging knee raises -- [...]

Getting a ton of requests recently re: bringing along a friend / family member / co-worker / etc to a boot camp to check what we have going at FVT. So, we’ve decided to hold a Bring-A-Buddy boot camp on Saturday, March 21st @ 10am … and you can attend for JUST a buck! It’s [...]