June 2015

Got some questions about the upcoming "Band Challenge" at this morning's boot camp ... so thought I'd link to the workout details now, so you can start thinking about it ahead of time, and getting yourself ready to rock (we'll be hitting this one Monday and Tuesday of next week): => FVT Band Challenge One [...]

Just finished up another KB Workshop at the FVT studio - what fun! Before I sign off for the rest of the weekend, wanted to shoot you a heads up about something - the "Early Bird" discount on registration for our upcoming FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout ends on Monday: => FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout ("Early [...]

Making the best, fastest progress towards your fitness goals requires that you be doing some kind of exercise / training / physical activity most - if not EVERY - day of the week. Working out two or three times per week is of course WAY better than not working out at all ... and you [...]

*Preparations for the August 1st FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout officially start TODAY - get more info and reserve your spot now by clicking HERE* The hanging leg raise is one of my favorite ab exercises.  It works all the muscles of your midsection, and even your lats. But it's also relatively challenging.  It takes a good [...]

Okay - registration for the FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout is LIVE! This is going to be a LOT of fun ... and we're going to help a local charity in the process, which makes it even more awesome. Click HERE to get all the details and reserve your spot now ... and if you're interested, [...]

We have a charity event on the FVT calendar scheduled for the next month or so ... And with the success of the Ultimate Challenge Workout we did at the beginning of 2015 ... as well as the fun we had last weekend as a team at the Tough Mudder event in Lake Tahoe, and [...]

Okay, check this out - it's one of my most popular, most commented on YouTube videos: It covers a common KB swing mistake that's a big cause of lower back pain ... and how to fix it, quickly and easily. See, the swing is NOT an exercise for the lower back.  Done correctly, you should [...]