August 2015

*FVT Back-to-School 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge update - 8 spots left! Regisration closes at 30 ... click here for details and to claim your spot now* Here are my top 7 tips for eating well and staying track while you are eating out. These are relevant to when you are eating out, when [...]

Rapid Fat Loss Challenge registration update - spots are filling fast! We've had almost 15 sign ups so far this week alone. Don't forget - we're cutting off registration at 30 participants - so if you, a family member, friend or co-worker wants a spot, grab it ASAP! => Get all the info and grab [...]

Think back for a moment: Were you in great shape once upon a time? Are you at your physical peak now – or do you need a kick-start to get back in top shape? Enter the FVT 30 Rapid Fat Loss Challenge. Summer’s coming to an end and you’re about to get into a routine [...]

Been in Louisville for the last couple of days to meet and 'mastermind' with a small group of top fit pros from around the US, and it has been great. I also decided to fly in a little early and check out Nashville for 1/2 a day, and that was a lot of fun too. [...]

Okay - registration for the 2015 FVT Back-to-School 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is LIVE! This is going to be the BEST FVT Rapid Fat Loss Challenge EVER ... click HERE to get all the details and reserve your spot now. Thanks - - Forest Vance Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training PS [...]

Before John and Stephanie started working out at FVT, their exercise routine consisted mainly of walking the dog. Their lives were busy with work and they weren’t putting a lot of focus on themselves. But with their wedding day fast approaching they were motivated to make fitness more of a priority and joined FVT. One [...]

I get questions almost daily about what the best supplements are to take for fat loss. And these questions, I typically answer with questions - such as: "How would you rate your diet currently on a scale of 1-10, as it relates to your goals?" and/or - "How many times are you working out each [...]

Here's the August 2015 Challenge Workout again, in case you missed it: => August 2015 FVT Challenge Workout And the results: (Women) GV 19:58 LK 21:11 LC 21:47 SK 21:40 DP 22:05 JM 24:01 LA 24:25 KS 24:40 RM 25:00 ET 25:30 CL 25:35 SM 25:55 DT 26:24 PS 26:26 RR 27:17 JR 28:44 (Women Modified) [...]