December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Let’s take this time to smile, enjoy time with those that we care about, and be thankful for all that we have. Signing off for the Holiday - - The FVT Team PS - If you’re an FVT Newsletter subscriber, be sure to check your inbox – you’ll find a special gift in today’s [...]

  WoW - the January 9th FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout is just over 3 weeks away!! It's going to be a LOT of fun … and we’re going to help the Sacramento SPCA in the process, which makes it even more awesome. HOWEVER ... I wanted to let you know that as of now, [...]

Here's the December 2015 FVT Challenge Workout: Men – 15 chin ups – 35 hanging knee raises – 50 goblet squats w 24k KB – 75 full push ups As fast as possible Women – 35 hanging knee raises – 50 inverted rows w eq – 50 goblet squats w 16k KB – 75 knee [...]

Want to get better and healthier as we head into 2016? Super Man Herbs produces amazing herbs and formulas that help your health and performance. They’ve got great stuff for energy, hormonal support (in men and women), working out, and even thinking better. I've mentioned several of their products to you in the FVT newsletter [...]

Finished off our boot camp session this morning at FVT with a body weight only, zero equipment conditioning circuit ... thought I would share it with you to do on your own, for maybe a quick fat burning session you can do at home between boot camps, or even as you travel / are away [...]