July 2017

I’ve had my own personal struggles with my weight over the years. Kettlebells are a big focus at our personal training studio, and you can see in the before and after pics below how I was able to lose over 60 pounds using them, and keep the weight off to this day: But BEYOND the [...]

the opposite of diets

A growing body of research suggests that changing our attitudes and practices around meals and mealtime rituals may be every bit as important as obsessing over what it is we actually put in our mouths. Mindful Eating - sometimes referred to as "the opposite of diets" - is a concept with roots in Buddhist Teachings. It's primary aim is [...]

On vacation? Want a quick workout you can do on your boot camp "off" days? Blast fat, build lean muscle, and strengthen your core with this 8 exercise, bodyweight-only, zero-equipment-required workout you can do any time, any place: # Amazing 8 Minute Zero Equipment Workout Perform as many reps as you can the first exercise in 45 [...]

Exciting news - FVT is expanding! I am SO proud to announce that we just finalized the deal and signed the lease on our 2nd location, opening this fall in the "Pocket" area of Sacramento, CA. Grand opening date, training session schedule, and more details to come. A huge THANK YOU to our loyal clients and supporters - [...]

++ Click here to take our 14 Day Test Drive and learn from Forest Vance, the Kettlebell King of Sacramento ++ 8 tips to perform the kettlebell squat - discover where you may be making mistakes with this basic kettlebell exercise for the entire body: 1 - Pick a kettlebell up off of the floor, [...]

We are looking for a highly qualified trainer/coach to join our team! Certification with a nationally accredited organization and/or degree in a related field is preferred. Prior experience working in the fitness industry is NOT necessary. The following things however are CRITICALLY important: – passion for health and fitness – positive attitude – high energy [...]

Spots are filling fast for the for the Mindful Eating Workshop special event at FVT. Doing some research online, I ran accross an article from the Harvard Health Blog on "10 Tips for Mindful Eating", that is too good not to share. My favorite is tip from the article is #9 - "Resign from the [...]

++ Click here to take our 14 Day Test Drive and learn from Forest Vance, the Kettlebell King of Sacramento ++ The goal of today’s video is – using everything I’ve learned from the multiple certification workshops I’ve attended, dozens of books I’ve read, hundreds of videos I’ve watched, and thousands of people I’ve worked [...]