August 2017

++ Fall 2017 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge registration is LIVE! ++ If you want to: Get a lean body Get a flat stomach Increase your energy Live a long, healthy life The best diet is to consume whole, natural foods. Avoid processed carbohydrates, because they generally provide too many calories, and too much sugar. Processed [...]

++ Fall 2017 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge registration is LIVE! ++ Research shows that when we will eat fewer calories if we use smaller plates. On the other hand, larger plates lead to eating MORE. So, if you are looking to lose body fat, a simple trick to help you decrease your portions is to [...]

Registration for the Fall 2017 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is LIVE! Click the link below for more info and to sign up: Fall 2017 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is LIVE! This Challenge will be a ROLLING START - so you can register starting NOW, and get started RIGHT AWAY. Fall 2017 28 [...]

Here is a morning blender drink recipe to try. It will keep you energized, boost your health, and even help you lose fat faster. And the best part is, it takes is just minutes to make! # Recipe #3 – Supercharged Strawberry-Banana from the 31 Amazing Blender Drink Recipes guide 1 ripe banana Frozen strawberries Frozen [...]

Another month, another FVT Challenge Workout! It’s an opportunity to push yourself more than a usual boot camp, and is a great way to measure your improvement. This month, we have our Band Challenge Workout – check it out: 2017 FVT Band Challenge ** Complete ALL the “tests” at the grey band level and earn [...]

Today, as promised, I'm bringing you the Simple Nutrition "7 Step Detox Nutrition Plan". Now before we get into this, here's the truth that most experts are not brave enough to say ... These popular "detox" trends you always hear about are NOT the ideal way of eliminating pollutant build-up in your body. In the [...]

the “PSP” diet

Nutrition is the most important factor in fat loss. Due to the success of the Nutrition Workshop we held last Saturday at FVT ... ... as well as hearing from SO many folks who are training HARD, but NOT getting the results they should be, because of their sub-par diets ... ... I am inspired [...]