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Meet Gabrielle

Gabrielle is incredibly positive, so kind, and has an uplifting attitude that she spreads everywhere she goes. We are beyond blessed to have her as a loyal client and friend. This is her success story! Gabrielle's GOALS - coming in to FVT: Gabrielle was working out on her own, running and doing some weights at [...]

Are you ready for a Challenge that will test you physically, mentally, and spiritually ... BUT, when you complete it successfully, will change your life in a positive way, FOREVER? Our Summer 2017 Obstacle Course Race Prep Program is calling your name. We've organized one or two special programs like this one at FVT per [...]

Exciting news! We are now going to start doing our Challenge Workouts on two random, secret days of the month. We do these workouts to help you continue to get better, and have multiple ways to measure the progress you're making towards your fitness goals. And for years, we have done our monthly Challenge Workout on the [...]

Earlier this year I started doing the Eat Stop Eat program by Brad Pilon. I have been fasting one to two times per week since. The first 28 days I tracked most closely in terms of results, so I wanted to share them with you if you were considering trying the program. . What is [...]

The deadline to get your free T shirt with registration is tomorrow, 5.31.17 at 11:59pm - NO EXCEPTIONS. Register now!! To help you get your fitness goals for this summer … AND in support of the Alzheimer’s Association … We are putting on another FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout on Saturday, June 24th, 2017! It will [...]

The Ultimate Challenge Workout is less than 4 weeks away ... And the T Shirt Deadline is just a few DAYS away (we were able to extend it once, but THIS IS IT - you MUST sign up by the 31st of May if you want a T shirt!). If you are signed up, and/or [...]