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See for yourself how effective our workouts are – you’ll feel right away how it challenges, rejuvenates, and strengthens your body!

ATTN Land Park and Pocket / Greenhaven - we need your help!! We have a charity event coming up to benefit the Sacramento SPCA ... We have raised over $700 so far, but our goal is $2000 ... ... so we are putting together a special workout package for new / returning clients, friends of clients [...]

Sometimes, a diet plan that tells you exactly WHAT to eat, and exactly WHEN to eat it, is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to your success. That's what you get with our custom meal planning program. A lot of folks have been writing in this week, asking us about how the [...]

GH - Black KE - Black KE - Black MP - Black ZB - Black BP - Black JM - Black CM - 20k Kettlebell Modified RK - 20K Kettlebell Modified MM - 20k Kettlebell Modified MF - 20k Kettlebell Modified  

Well we had a great time at the annual FVT Holiday Party last night (will be posting pics soon to social media, stay tuned!) ... ... and now there are just a couple of weeks until Christmas. Things are VERY busy for me this time of year, as I'm sure they are for you. BUT [...]

Meet Noelle!

Noelle lost 43 pounds in 12 months! Here's how she did it ...  Before FVT:  Noelle wanted to lose weight, but in her words, "it was hard to keep up the motivation to stay on track" ... She tried to introduce some healthy eating habits and incorporate running into her schedule, but the progress was [...]

*We are bringing back our custom meal planning program for a limited time - will be accepting applications over the weekend! Want to get a jump start on your fitness goals for the New Year? Are you training hard, but not getting the results? 9 times out of 10, your diet is the missing piece of the puzzle. [...]

Got a video to share with you today from Mike Gillette of RealLifeSelfDefense.com He talks about 'When Is It OK to Fight?' Key points he covers: - A fight - by definition, at least in nearly every jurisdiction in the US - is, by nature, illegal. - This is not to be mis-construed with self [...]

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