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I have been following the Eat Stop Eat method of intermittent fasting called Eat Stop Eat for the last two weeks. (We are going to be giving this as an option in your meal planning for our upcoming 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge, so I thought it was only right that I at least [...]

Due to popular demand, there will be a NEW Intermittent Fasting option in the "2.0" version of the Performance Nutrition Diet (the meal plan we use in our 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenges at FVT.) Here is an overview of the protocol. (It is taken directly from Eat Stop Eat - and I recommend [...]

Exciting news! I am working on the "2.0" version of the FVT Performance Nutrition Diet .. .. and due to popular demand, there will be a NEW Intermittent Fasting option. (The Performance Nutrition Diet is the meal plan we use in our 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenges.) If you are not familiar with Intermittent Fasting, [...]

We all know that in order to lose weight, you need to: 1) eat less and 2) exercise more. Nothing new there. However, there are different approaches, techniques, what I like to call "hacks" - that can make your life SO much easier when you are attempting to diet down. And trust me - we [...]

IMPORTANT! We have some dates and detail changes for the upcoming Sun's Out - Guns Out Challenge: http://www.forestvancetraining.com/2017-suns-out-guns-out-challenge Due to popular demand, we are going a format similar to what we have done in the past. -- 28 Day Challenge -- Goal is to lose as much body fat as humanly possible -- Meal plan, [...]

Meet Nancy

Meet Nancy G - winner of the 2017 Underground Fat Destroyer Challenge! Nancy lost 6.56% of her bodyweight, 2.9% of her bodyfat, and 9 total inches - in just 56 days! We kicked off the UFD Challenge at the beginning of the year, and Nancy knew that she needed to dial in her diet - [...]

Here is the March 2017 workout in case you missed it: http://www.forestvancetraining.com/2017/03/march-2017-challenge-workout.html And the Results! Men: KP – 10 GH – 9 CB – 8 OR – 8 DW – 8 AW – 7 BP – 7 JM – 7 DM – 7 KE – 7 DV – 7 KS – 6 DH – 6 EZ – 5 Women: PK – [...]

The kettlebell snatch is a fantastic exercise - but it can be tricky to learn proper form. It's also one of the four exercises you'll be doing in the Sun's Out Guns Out Challenge - so it's important that you learn how to do it safely and effectively. Check out this throwback video from 2010 [...]

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