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August Challenge Workout

It's time for the monthly challenge workout! If it's your first time here, check out this post on TheFitnessMonster.com for further explanation of the challenge workout and more examples:Smash Your Fat Loss Plateau With A Challenge WorkoutHere's August's challenge:7 Squat Thrusts14 Sit Ups21 Kettlebell Swings28 Lunges (14 each leg)Complete as many rounds as possible in [...]

Portable Ab Training Videos

Here's a site with a pretty good selection of free training videos that can be downloaded and put right on your iPod, BlackBerry, etc. Click the link below for videos of 16 different ab exercises:Portable Ab Exercise VideosThere's bunch of videos with exercises for other parts of your body and even ready-to-go, follow along workouts. [...]

Another 'Best Of' post for you today ... check out the last one that lists our top ab training and fat loss articles here:'Best Of' fat loss and abdominal training articles on ForestVanceTraining.comLet's get right to it: Here are the top-rated and viewed video posts from the last six months on this site:1. The March [...]

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Stickers, and Buttons with unique designs from Forest Vance Training, Inc. and KettlebellBasics.net are offically here!Check out our store by clicking the link below:Kettlebell Gear - Shirts, Hats, and More We're also having a sale to kick off our new clothing line: Every item in the store will be 10% off thru Sunday, [...]

July Challenge Workout Results

Awesome job to everyone who completed July's challenge workout ... here are the results:AT 17:44KB 18:26SG 18:29KG 18:53LS 19:36LB 23:49NT 24:26AG 25:29MB 26:28BA 29:50EZ 30:00PT 30:00Keep training hard guys!!

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