14 Day Test Drive - Try Our Program!

See for yourself how effective our workouts are – you’ll feel right away how it challenges, rejuvenates, and strengthens your body!

Two weeks ago, I announced the opening of my new personal training studio in the Land Park area of Sacramento ... check out the following post for more details:http://www.forestvancetraining.com/2010/09/big-news-new-personal-training-studio.htmlTo show my appreciation and to get the classes going strong right out of the gate, I decided to run a one-time super special for folks who [...]

September Challenge Workout Results

Great job this month to everyone! It was one of the toughest challenge workouts to date ... here are the results: SG 5SB 4AG 3+3KG 3+2EZ 3BG 3VC 3NT 3MB 3LE 3NG 2+4PT 2(Total number of rounds and exercises completed are listed)(Also, due to the holiday week, a few folks got off track and weren't [...]

Here's the September Challenge Workout:60 Body Weight Squats50 Kettlebell Swings40 Walking Lunges (total)30 Sit Ups20 Push UpsRepeat sequence five times as fast as possible for a total of 1000 reps. The time limit for this challenge is 30 minutes (times posted will be finishing time or number of rounds completed in 30 minutes).Good luck! You'll [...]

Healthy Breakfast Recipe – Egg White Omelete

Here's a healthy breakfast recipe from the 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Workbook. I've gotten lots of positive feedback from the Challengers so far on the meal planning section, so I thought I'd post up one of the recipes on the blog. Enjoy!Egg-White Omelet With Vegetable-Cheddar Filling3 large egg whites1 teaspoon water2 teaspoons chopped fresh [...]

5 Minute Ab Blast

New and challenging ab workouts are always a hit in our group personal training and fitness boot camp classes ... here's a sample ab workout that hits all areas of your midsection (and only takes about 5 minutes):So again, to complete this ab workout, you would:Perform 15 crunchesFollow the crunches with 15 bicycle crunchesFollow the [...]

Who Trains With Kettlebells?

Wondering if kettlebell training is right for you?Here's a fantastic video from a recent Russian Kettlebell Challenge certification that showcases the amazing variety of folks that train with and benefit from kettlebells:So if you've been having reservations about starting up your kettlebell training ... no more excuses! Set up a free introductory session with Forest [...]

By rolling with your own body weight on a round foam roll, you can massage away restrictions to normal soft-tissue extensibility, enhance recovery, and improve performance. I use Self Myofacial Release techniques (using the foam roll) on myself and with clients every day ... and, for some people, it can be literally life changing.Here's a [...]

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