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If you’re looking to lose some belly fat, gain lean muscle, or just shape up, feel great, and be healthy, our Sacramento personal trainers are able to provide the tools necessary to achieve these goals.

I’m Forest Vance, owner and head trainer at the Forest Vance Training fitness center in Land Park (Sacramento), CA. I’d like to thank you for visiting our site – and outline some details for you about our personal training program.

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A workout that an individual would experience in a Sacramento personal training session is one-hundred percent tailored towards their goals. In other words, one person’s goals could be to gain muscle and focus on heavier lifting, whereas another’s could be designed for corrective exercise to rehabilitate them. Trainers are also there to monitor your progress and tweak your program if something isn’t working. Sacramento personal training gives you maximum results in minimum time by getting rid of ineffective workouts you may have been doing prior to the program and ensuring that you get the most out of your fitness routine.

Motivation is an issue for many people who desire to get into better shape, which is a huge positive in hiring a trainer. In a training program, you are given a sense of responsibility and an incentive to show up and workout. Instead of deciding to skip out on the gym, you are in a contract with a Sacramento personal trainer and have an obligation to keep. According to the American Council of Exercise, this is proven in studies, which show that personal trainers can help individuals remain more dedicated to their fitness than if they were training on their own.

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A concern for someone who is training on their own is injury because they are responsible for knowing proper form. The Mayo Clinic warns that incorrect weight-training techniques can lead to sprains, fractures, among other injuries, and can also build unhealthy habits. With the guidance of personal training Sacramento, you have an extra set of eyes monitoring your workouts that are focused solely on your safety and preventing injury. To that end, for individuals who are just beginning to work out, this is a huge investment because they will learn how to properly train from the get-go instead of risking injury and having to re-learn techniques later on down the line.

Some people who decide to begin training are already in decent physical shape, but do so in order to take up a new activity, such as snowboarding, or golfing. The benefit of Sacramento personal trainers is that they can help individuals with conditioning and train them for specific skills that are related to the sport.

Here’s an example of results our training clients have experienced with our program:

Eddie and Denise Lost 62 Pounds of Fat and Gained 14 Pounds of Muscle in Less Than 4 Months

“Prior to meeting Forest and using his training system, I did mostly your typical ‘bodypart split’ – type of workout – I devoted one day per week to work my chest, a day to work my legs, etc. In the past, I never had any real specific direction or plan for my workouts – I just sort of showed up. Not surprisingly, I never really got the results I was looking for.

These new workouts are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’m able to work my entire body in an amazingly short amount of time. I’m very happy with the progress that Denise and I have made so far.”

– Eddie E

“I actually didn’t see results on the scale as quickly as I expected to in the beginning, and in the past would’ve given up too easily. I knew how to eat healthy so I thought I was fine and I can be a bit hard headed sometimes … however, with Forest’s suggestions, I was finally able to nail down my diet, and when I did, everything started coming together and I got the results I was looking for.

The thing I enjoy most about these workouts is the amount of variety involved. The exercises, amount of sets and reps, and weight I use are constantly changing so I never get bored. Also, the results I’m getting now are as good or better than when I was working out two hours a day, six days per week. These workouts never take longer than 45 minutes. Thanks Forest!”

-Denise E

No matter what goals you want to achieve through personal training, the knowledge that is gained in the process makes this decision a long-term investment in your fitness and health. In even a short amount of time, Sacramento personal training can teach you a substantial amount of information about your body and exercise and what needs to be done in order to reach your goals.

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