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Are you in the Sacramento, CA area and looking to learn how to train with kettlebells safely and effectively?

Are you tired of your lower back aching after a few sets of Swings? (Hint: You shouldn’t feel the Swing in your lower back at all if you’re doing it properly)

Do you feel like you’re just not getting as much out of your kettlebell training as you could be?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to schedule a complimentary ‘Test A Trainer’ session with Forest Vance, RKC II, one of Sacramento’s premiere kettlebell experts.

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Kettlebells have become extremely popular and much more commercialized in the past five years. The reason for this increased popularity in kettlebells is how beneficial they are when added to a person’s regimen, providing low cost, full-body conditioning in a limited time, because of the demands the routines place on multiple muscle groups and energy systems; kettlebells offset your center of gravity, causing your body to work harder to maintain balance. Sacramento kettlebell training encompasses both aerobic and anaerobic exercise within a single workout, allowing you to gain more strength and improve cardiovascular stamina. Additionally, kettlebell training creates an increased resistance to injury, which is beneficial to those cross training, and it also improves mobility and range of motion.

In the January/February issue of “ACE Fitness Matters,” researchers looked at the relationship between kettlebell training and energy expenditure. Their results concluded that a twenty minute kettlebell workout yielded more than 400 burned calories. This is comparative to high intensive modes of training like running a 6-minute mile, or cross-country skiing. Therefore, it is evident that kettlebells require a short amount of time invested, in order to yield a difficult workout.

Since their increase in popularity, many books and dvds have been released to help people who desire to become self-taught in kettlebells. Although the interest in this is wonderful because of those wanting to better themselves through fitness, regretfully it may not be the best long-term decision. It is advisable to use licensed Sacramento Kettlebell Instruction because a single kettlebell exercise (for example a swing) requires multiple joints and muscle groups to move in ways that are unfamiliar to most people, requiring practice and attention. If these exercises are performed incorrectly, there is a large risk of injury. Sacramento kettlebell training will teach you how to move properly and can prevent injury from occurring. By learning the proper movements initially, it will prevent you from developing bad habits that will need to be relearned through the assistance of an instructor.

For those looking to lose weight, working with Sacramento kettlebell instruction will help to customize a workout plan to your needs and weaknesses as opposed to learning from a generalized guide. Enlisting the help of a trainer is an investment because once you are properly trained, you can work from home on weights that you can purchase for less than $100 and create an innumerable amount of exercises with.

Therefore, although kettlebells are an amazing tool for people desiring to improve their fitness routine, it is recommended that the guidance of Sacramento kettlebell training is enlisted by beginners in order to prevent injury, use the correct weight, and receive routines customized to yourself.

Forest can teach you how to use kettlebells to safely and effectively reach your current fitness goals. He offers both private and group personal training programs in the Land Park area of Sacramento, CA. To schedule a FREE ‘Test A Trainer’ kettlebell session today, please click the link below:

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