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  • If you’re discouraged with the lack of results you’ve seen from fitness programs you’ve tried in the past …
  • If lack of motivation is holding you back from reaching your fitness goals …
  • If you’re still struggling to find a diet that actually works …


FVT boot camp and personal training can help.


Forest Vance here, owner of FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training.

I’m writing this message to you today because I want you to know that there IS a simple solution to your fitness frustrations.

But first, I want to quickly tell you about my own fitness journey – because I can relate to where you’re at right now.

See, back in my football days, I was in top shape.

After a great college career and a ‘cup of coffee’ in the NFL, it was time to move on.

The transition was pretty smooth – except from a personal fitness standpoint. Long story short, I ended up at about 310 pounds:

I remember feeling so freakin’ fat – so out of shape, and different from my former athletic self – it was just flat-out depressing.

It was the picture above, in fact, that ultimately triggered my transformation.

Thing was, I knew how to train like an athlete, to get into football shape – but I had no idea how to train “regular folks” for weight loss and general health.

I spent hundreds of hours studying – and hundreds more testing various methods on myself – to figure out the best, most effective, and most time efficient methods to lose weight, trim my midsection, and take the ‘pain’ out of dieting.

I ended up losing 64 pounds over the next 7 months – and this experience ‘kick started’ my personal training career.

I’ve now got a decade of experience in the fitness industry, multiple nationally accredited personal training certifications, and a Master’s Degree in Human Movement.

And I’ve helped thousands of training clients just like you lose weight, strip belly fat, and learn to eat correctly.


All of my Sacramento boot camp and personal training programs feature:

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  • Top-Notch Instruction – You won’t be one of those people wasting their time using unsafe – and ineffective – exercise form. We’ll show you exactly how to do each exercise, safely and correctly.
  • Fun – Our workouts are not only effective, they’re fun! We’re constantly mixing things up to make sure you get great results AND never get bored.
  • Motivation – Every single time you come in for a workout, we’ll MOTIVATE you … so reaching your fitness goals will be easy! All this in a very encouraging a positive environment – no yelling and screaming 🙂
  • Contact and follow-up – We’ll follow up with you – with frequent email updates, workouts to do at home, nutrition tips, and more – to keep you motivated between training sessions.
  • Support – We’ll give you the physical, mental, and emotional support you need – a CRITICAL part of the process (and in fact, one of the top reasons people quit their fitness program.)
  • A gentle push (when you need it) – Not everyone is feeling 100%, all of the time – even the best of us. We’ll GIVE you that push, when you need it – to make sure you get a great workout, EVERY time.
  • Guidance – Just show up – and we’ll get you one of the best fat-burning, muscle-toning workouts around. No more trying to figure out what to do on your own.
  • Accountability – We’ll make sure you show up to your training sessions! And showing up is half the battle …


Watch this video to get a feel for what we offer at the FVT Studio:

Now, I have several different program options depending on what you’re looking for, including both personal and group training … if you’d like more details about any of my programs, I’d love to chat for a few minutes with you over the phone to get a little better idea of exactly what your goals are. At that point, I can better explain the different program options I offer and set up a free trial session if you’re interested.

Call me at (916) 273 9366 – or click the link below – to fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you ASAP

Contact me here



Ryan A Lost 30 Pounds and 8% Body Fat

ryan a fat

The picture here is from January 2010. I weighed 235 lbs, was nearly completely sedentary, and generally in a terrible physical state and mental outlook. Just a few years before I was the most slim I’d ever been as an adult, at 185 lbs and regularly exercising, but still with some poor habits. In high school I ran cross country and track and couldn’t keep weight on from the mileage; that all changed once I graduated and stopped the activity and started a terrible spiral of weight gain, probably a mild depression because of it, and a debilitating helplessness in which I never took responsibility or action to be healthier.

At the time this 2010 photo was taken, not yet 30 years old, I was winded walking up the parking garage stairs to my car, and perpetually buying larger and larger clothes. One day in January, I read about a person in the Capitol community who’d died at just 40, quite unexpectedly. That day, after another struggle up the stairs and seeing this picture, I decided to make a change.

I began exercising again, logging my food into an app on my phone and within a few months I’d lost almost 25 lbs. Going at it solo, with no structure proved extremely challenging after a while and by late 2012 I’d gained back about half the weight. All the while, I’d watched Erik transform himself through diet and exercise and thought, “What is stopping me? Why don’t I make that change?”

One year ago today, I walked into Forest Vance Training, Inc. for a 6 am boot camp, late, having eaten hardly anything, and terrified about the physical demands of the workout. After nearly passing out more than once, I gritted through it and quite literally could barely walk up my own stairs at home from the intensity of that first workout on my previously fit body, which was in such desperate need of rehabilitation. I hurt for days, even after my second session and my third. I could barely change my clothes during the final performances of the show I was doing that weekend, but despite that hurt I felt good.

ryan a skinny

Last February I weighed 222 lbs and was nearly 28% body fat. Today I weigh 205 lbs and am 19.8% body fat – below 20% for the first time since I was a teenager, probably. Today I’m a few weeks away from my first half-marathon. Two weeks ago I ran a mile in 7:08 for the first time since I was 18. Today, I’m planning for my second half-marathon.

My reason why isn’t just one reason: there are many. I joined FVT as a client because I don’t want to die of something preventable at age 40, because I don’t want to make excuses why I can’t do something, because I want to challenge myself to do things I didn’t think I could do. My reason why is because I didn’t want to be on heartburn medicine for the rest of my life, or keep buying pants in larger sizes, or wheeze on the way up the stairs to my car.

My reason why is not to be thin or lose weight – though that was part of my goal, it is no longer the most important one. My reason why is that I want to look in the mirror and see a healthy person, who goes outside and enjoys the weather, enjoys a run, enjoys how exercise and good choices make me feel, and know that living healthy isn’t about a diet or the next 6 months…it’s about living a whole life. That’s my reason why.



Sabrina F Lost 18 Pounds in 3 Months and Got Her First Pull Up!

Sabrina came to FVT looking to get back into shape and on a consistent workout routine. Specifically, she wanted to lose about 15 lbs of body fat and add a little lean muscle.

Sabrina exceeded her goal, losing 18 pounds within the first three months … and even more impressive, has KEPT the weight off for the last three years since she very first started training at the FVT studio.

She’s also continued to get stronger, leaner, and in better shape every single month. For example, she recently worked up to doing her first pull up, she earned the coveted FVT Black Band, and has placed first in several of our monthly Challenge Workouts.

Way to go Sabrina, you rock!!

Just a few words from Sabrina:


“I have found that going to boot camp with Forest twice a week is my self-care. When I miss a class, I am upset!

It is addicting … in a good way. I always leave feeling better about myself after working so hard in class.

Forest makes class fun with:

1 – Fun music

2 – Different routines and circuit training every class so it does not get boring

3 – He’s funny

4 – It is allowed in class to make loud “in pain” noises and no one laughs at you

I have also found that I can run longer without it hurting after doing Forest’s class for a few months. My friend touched my arm recently and said, “wow! you’re ripped!” (not in a masculine way).

He sends emails out all the time to give health and fitness reminders, sends us articles, Facebook quotes to keep us motivated, and is always focused and ready to help us reach our fitness goals in class. I am so glad I joined Forest Vance Training!”


Again, BIG shout out to Sabrina – you are awesome and we appreciate you.



Dan M Lost 11 Pounds in 30 Days (and many more since)

Seeing Dan now, you would never guess that less than three months ago, he was almost 20 pounds heavier.

For years he had tried losing weight using fad diets, various supplements and on-again off-again workout programs.

But when he decided to take our last rapid fat loss challenge, everything changed.

He lost 11 pounds in his first 30 days on our program – and has lost almost 10 more since.

In fact, just yesterday, he posted this message on Facebook:


Another kick *** workout with Forest Vance at FVT earlier … the workouts are TOUGH, but the results are astounding … in roughly 3 mos, maybe less, 17lbs and counting, 4 more to go and maintain …

If you want to feel great and shed some poundage, go see Forest on Riverside Blvd!


Wow. Congrats on your success Dan, keep up the awesome work, and so glad we can be a part of your progress!!



Sarai J Lost 45 Pounds, Dropped 16% Body Fat and Gained 14 Pounds of Muscle

sarai pressing

In the last twenty months – in spite of a VERY busy schedule, and actually living and working on the other side of town, but finding a way to make it in two or three times per week, she has:

– Lost about 45 pounds
– Dropped over 15% body fat
– Added 16 pounds of muscle
– Gotten her first pull up(s)
– Has gotten WAY stronger and is putting up some crazy kettlebell strength #’s

Check out the email I got from her about a year ago below:


Hey Forest,

I got my bodyfat tested.

(FYI – we do basic body fat testing at the studio, but Sarai likes to get it done on her own in a BodPod device for optimum accuracy)

I am at 173.2 lbs and 19.6% bodyfat. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve been in the teens! I also added 9lbs of muscle and that explains why the scale is not really moving that fast even though I can see a lot of change.

It’s good info. He told me to keep eating my 2400+ calories a day and keep my workout schedule cause it’s working!

Yay me!

My goal is still 14-15% so I have about 10 more pounds of fat to lose.

As you know I am totally capable of working out on my own and I still do, but having the accountability to show up somewhere at a set time and to be pushed has helped me get back on track this year and stay on track. Plus I learn some stuff too.

Thanks again for your help!


And an UPDATE one year later, 12.8.14 … Sarai is down to 158 and 15.7%!! AND getting stronger every day! WoW, awesome work!!!!


CONGRATS to you Sarai!! Awesome, awesome job. We are so happy to be a part of your progress – and look forward to helping you reach your ultimate fitness goals very soon!!



Lesley T Has Lost 22 Pounds and Earned her Grey FVT Challenge Band!

Leslie T

Leslie has been training with us since the beginning of summer (2014). She came in wanting to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, and just get into a regular routine of training and feeling great.

From day one, Leslie has shown up up at EVERY session with an AMAZING positive attitude, and makes everyone better around her.

She had a HUGE day yesterday in both 1) reaching her initial weight loss goal (Leslie is down a total of 22 pounds!) and 2) earning a grey FVT Challenge band!!!

So wanted to give you a public shout out and say AWESOME work Leslie – we are so proud of you, we appreciate you and are honored to be a part of your fitness journey!



Jenny J is Over 15 Pounds Down and is Getting Stronger Every Day!!

jenny j 2

Jenny brings a positive attitude to EVERY session, whether it’s our boot camp or the FVT nutrition coaching group, and has been working very hard to reach her goals this year.

She is over 15 pounds down and getting stronger every day … and she just did her first 15 sec pull up hold (along with a 2 min plank hold, 50 swings in a row with the 16k and our Tabata burpee challenge) to earn her grey FVT band!

Great work Jenny, we appreciate you very much, keep the momentum going and awesome, awesome job!!



Erik D Dropped 60 Pounds and 16% Body Fat

“Growing up I never thought I’d get into shape. My defeatist attitude combined with sheer laziness made me pack on the pounds over the years. With my 30th birthday approaching I decided to make a change – and I’m so glad that I did! I changed my diet and lost a bit of weight and then I discovered Forest’s studio.

I’ve lost 60 pounds, dropped my body fat percentage from 30% to 14% and have changed my life forever. He is attentive, supportive, tough enough and doesn’t let me get away with cutting corners on my technique! What I love about working out is how it has impacted my everyday life. Now I feel energetic, vibrant, STRONG and happy. If you have ever thought that you were the type of person who couldn’t get into shape, call Forest now!”



Marcy G Lost 24 Pounds and 8 Percent Body Fat!

Got this text message from Marcy just recently, SO awesome – and asked if we could share her success here on the website.

Marcy is down 24 pounds and 8 percent body fat. Way to go and congrats to you, keep up the great work!!



Paul K is In The Best Shape of His Life at 57 Years Young!

“A serious car accident left me in discomfort just to walk, it also left me determined not to have this be my new norm …. enter Forest Vance. A year plus later and dedicated adherence to three workouts per week, I can now honestly say that at age 57 I am in the best shape of my life. Thanks Forest!

Let me be honest, it was not easy, it still is not easy, Forest will not allow it to be easy but it is incredibly rewarding on many levels. Be as dedicated to Forest as he is to you, that is the key. He will call you if you fail to show up, he will keep the exercises fresh and challenging, he will send out e-mails of encouragement and advice, he will educate himself on new and effective techniques. In return put in the time, dedication and effort and you will see results.

I look forward to every training session, I am challenged to get through them and I leave with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, now those are the signs of a talented trainer.”



Minnie T Has Lost Over 20 Pounds!

Had this little text message exchange with good friend and awesome FVT client Minnie T recently – and had to give her a shout out!!

(At the time of this text, she was down almost 20 pounds … now she’s BLASTED through that goal and is on to the next!)

You are such a hard worker Minnie, and SO awesome to see the progress you have made … could not be more proud of you … way to go! Keep up the great work!



John M has Lost 24 Pounds, 2 Pants Sizes, TOTALLY Changed His “Body Shape” and Improved His LIFE!


John M started training at FVT a little over two years ago.

He thought he was in pretty good shape, especially for being over 50 … he was about 220 pounds or so, and though he wasn’t really doing anything fitness-wise at the time, he had worked out at various gyms and had done other fitness programs in the past.

Thing was, John would work out on his own, but he knew he would not always do it right.

Not only that, he kept getting hurt, and as a result would have to stop training and would lose much of the progress he worked so hard for.

So John saw that we were offering our free “Test a Trainer” session at a special event, and he thought he’d give it a go. He signed up that day for our boot camp program, and has been a loyal client ever since. John has made some amazing changes and improvements … in not only his fitness, but his quality of life!

John has lost over 20 pounds (he’s gone from a little over 220 to 196), but more importantly, he has also totally changed his “body shape”. He’s lost two pants sizes, and gained muscle in the upper body – in the arms and chest. He’s also put on some lean mass in the legs, where he wasn’t as inclined to focus on when training on his own :)

John has improved his flexibility and mobility, and is not getting injured like he was before. Which is SO important, because now he can train consistently without having to take breaks and miss workouts, and lose the progress he’s worked so hard for.

Finally, when it comes to doing active things like hiking and biking and walking, it’s a world of difference from before, in just how easy it is. John feels better and more energetic, and truly has a new outlook on life.

Congrats to you John! We are honored to have you as a loyal client at FVT, and are so glad to be a part of the transformation you’ve made! Keep up the awesome work!!



Ready to find out more? Call me at (916) 273 9366 -or click the link below to fill out the contact form – and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less

Contact me here


Thanks for reading, train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance

Master of Science, Human Movement

Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Coach and Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor

Owner and Head Trainer, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

one arm press


PS – At FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training, we’ll help you burn fat, get fit, and challenge your body at every workout. And you’ll do it under the supervision of our highly qualified fitness coaches.

PPS – Look … I know you’re frustrated … and I know you’re looking for a fitness solution that actually works. I’ve helped thousands of folks like you lose weight, tone their bodies, and get into better shape than they ever thought was possible … and I want to help you, too!

PPPS – Don’t take my word for it – see what others have to say about the results they’ve achieved with our boot camp and personal training programs. You can see their testimonials above, right on this page. Then contact me today to schedule your free Test-A-Trainer session!

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