Merry Christmas!

As a gift for you, I have a copy of my Ultimate Fitness Resource Toolkit program.

This program has a literal, sells-for-$27-everyday value. It includes do-anywhere workout programs for every fitness goal, a complete done-for-you fat loss meal planning guide, and much more.


Get the full program below:

Click HERE for The Ultimate Fitness Resource Manual

Click HERE for The Easiest, Fastest Fast Loss Meal Plan Ever

Click HERE for the Functional Flexiblity Secrets Guide

Click HERE for the Ultimate Fitness Resource Grocery List

Click HERE for the FVT Workout Tracker

Click HERE for the FVT Food Log


Surprise Bonus!

Click HERE for 17 Easy to Prepare Healthy Recipes


Thanks, and happy holidays –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

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