Sacramento psychologist reveals the REAL reason why most most diets fail … and what you can do about it!

Learn the Secrets of Mindful Eating

Jump Into the Present Moment to Lose Weight, Balance Mood, and Gain Energy

Dear friend –

Forest Vance here, Master of Science in Human Movement, Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, and owner of the FVT personal training studio in Sacramento, CA.

Today’s message is quick and to-the-point: for a very limited time, you can sign up for a special “mindful eating” workshop with my friend and colleague Dr. Sean Cook – and get some super cool fast-action bonuses when you do – but you have to act quickly to get the best deal!!

now introducing …

The Mindful Eating Workshop

with Dr. Sean Cook, Sacramento Mindful Eating Expert

When: Thursday, November 8th @ 7pm

Where: The FVT personal training studio in the Land Park area of Sacramento, CA

When you sign up for this special workshop, here’s what you’ll learn:

Introduction to Mindfulness and mindful eating

Why most diets fail

Why we overeat and undereat – and how to stop the cycle

Ever feel like you don’t have “free will” when it comes to eating? The bad news and the good news about free will

Learn about the addictive aspects of some foods

Tips on retraining your brain toward healthier habits

The power of context—how your environment and the people in your life affect your behavior and what you can do about it

Mindfulness has been used to build psychological health and optimal performance by everyone from Phil Jackson (winningnest coach in NBA history) to the US Marine Corps. Learn what it can do for YOU!



Sign up for the Mindful Eating Workshop for only $50

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.


Now here’s the catch: we have very limited space for this workshop (20 spots to be exact) … and based on initial interest, we expect it to fill very quickly. So if you want to reserve a spot, make sure to do so ASAP!

Sign up for the Mindful Eating Workshop for only $50

Have more questions? Check out this recent interview I did with Dr. Cook over on our main site:

=== >> Mindful Eating Interview with Dr. Sean Cook

You can also contact me by clicking the link below:

Contact Forest by clicking here OR by calling 916.273.9366

Thanks so much, and hope to see you there –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, FNC, RKC II

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