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From the Forest Vance Training, Inc. studio, 3200 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA –

If you’re:

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  • Ready to get a rapid start to your new fat loss program
  • Stuck at a weight loss plateau and need a short burst of motivation to snap you out of it
  • Just looking to lose a lot of body fat in a short period of time


You owe it to yourself to read this entire letter.


See, slow, one-to-two-pound-per-week, “politically correct” fat loss is fine for some folks …

In fact, losing weight in a “safe”, controlled, and methodical fashion is what most fitness experts would lead you to believe is the “best way”.

I whole-heartedly disagree.


Well, in a recent 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge, we had six people in “double digit” weight loss territory (that’s 10 pounds or more of weight loss in 30 days!), and we finished with a total of 126.4 pounds lost among 15 participants that made the final weigh-in (an average of 8.43 pounds lost per person!)

And, probably most importantly, this 30 day “burst” built the foundation of solid workout and meal planning habits for many folks that are still training at our studio today … and have continued to lose even more weight, and make continued progress towards their ultimate fitness goals … almost one year later.

So THAT’S why I’m so excited to share the news of our upcoming 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge with you today …


Now introducing …

The 2014 Back-to-School FVT 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge

Basic information:

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  • The challenge officially begins Monday, September 15th, 2014.
  • Registration for the challenge runs from Thursday, September 4th thru Friday, September 12th.
  • The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is all about losing as much fat as humanly possible in 30 days. We’ll take your weight, body fat, and circumference measurements before and after the challenge

** IMPORTANT – weigh-in days will be the 15th of Sept (beginning) and the 16th of Oct (end) **

We’ll be available at the studio throughout the day to do your weight and body fat on both of those days. If you cannot make it on the first day, you can make special arrangements with us to weigh in LATE, but NOT early. If you cannot make it on the last day, you can make special arrangements with us to take your final weight EARLY, but NOT late.

  • We’ll provide you with a complete meal planning and workout blueprint – as well as the needed support and encouragement – to make sure your fat loss challenge experience is a success!


Here’s what you get when you register:

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  • Admission to the 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge Kick-Off Boot Camp – At 7 pm on Monday, September 15th, we’ll get together to meet as a group and get a fat blasting boot camp workout! ($25 retail value)

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  • The FVT 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Meal Plan and Workout Guide – We’ll give you a specific workout and meal plan to follow for the next 30 days. No guessing anymore – just follow the plan as we outline it for you and look forward to 5, 10, even 15 or more pounds of weight loss over the next month! ($17 value)
  • You’ll get access to a special private Facebook group where you’ll be able to interact with other folks here who are participating in the challenge, share things like healthy recipes, get your questions answered and more. ($39 value)
  • Admission to a special “half time” boot camp workout on Saturday, September 27th at 10am – you’ll have a chance to meet with and see everyone involved and stay pumped up!!
  • We’ll announce our official winners at our Challenge Wrap-Up Party / 4 Year FVT Anniversary Party Event on Saturday, October 18th at 10am … we’ll get ANOTHER celebratory boot camp workout … PLUS you’ll have to chance to bring a friend along to workout with you … we’ll have our annual “Train-A-Trainer” charity event … and MUCH more!! ($25 value)
  • Eligibility for CASH prizes – First, second, and third prize individual winners will get $300, $200, and $100 respectively.


This is a total of $206 worth of ‘stuff’! If your fitness goals include fat loss, you’d be literally crazy not to take advantage of this opportunity …

Ready to sign up? You have two options:

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Option 1 – ‘basic’ – for existing clients only – gets you everything listed above – only $39

*Again, the basic option is for existing clients only. If you are a new or inactive/returning client, please select the the ‘premiere’ option below*


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Option 2 – ‘premiere’ – for new clients, OR existing clients who want to kick things up a notch – gets you everything listed above, plus four additional group personal training/boot camp sessions during the 30 day challenge period – only $99

**The ‘premiere’ option gives you a total of seven boot camps over the 30 day challenge period – an AWESOME value, and nearly 50% off of our regular price**



Jimmy Lost 15.4 Pounds and 8.17% of his Body Weight in 30 Days

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 4.53.05 PM

[testimonial1 author = “Jimmy B”]”Pretty much about a year ago my wife and I had a baby and I had previously lost a sizeable amount of weight and I started gaining. It’s just you put watching the kid over eating a lot of the time. So I gained some weight and before I knew it I was close to 190.

As soon as I found out about it (the FVT 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge), I said, “I got to sign up for it and I’ve got to be committed.” I came four times a week and on the days I wasn’t here I was working out. I took one day off, I think that was suggested. My number one tip would be basically be – on days when I didn’t feel like I got the best workout as long as the eating was right that’s what made the difference.”[/testimonial1]

Nicole Lost 15 Pounds and 7.72% of her Body Weight in 30 Days

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.31.56 PM

[testimonial1 author = “Nicole”]”I came into this (the FVT 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge) really focused on getting healthy. So I completely changed my diet and I did follow a lot of Forest’s meal plan suggestions.

I really committed to the workouts and on days – like I said, I have a daughter so I can’t always get to the gym, but on the days that I couldn’t I would do Forest’s little suggested workout at home. I also did a lot of running. I did a seven mile run in Davis two or three weeks ago so I incorporated that.

I was just really committed – I had a number, 15 pounds in my head when I started and so I was just really focused on getting there.”[/testimonial1]




A: You’re right – this is an incredible deal. To be completely transparent, our goal is not to make money with this project. It’s:

  • To help as many folks as possible reach their fat loss goals
  • To get current/past clients to get their friends and family involved in one of our programs, and
  • To further establish Forest Vance Training, Inc. as a top personal training studio in Sacramento.
We know that you’ll love our program. We have full confidence that we’ll get multiple new on-going clients from this project – so that’s why we can offer you such an amazing deal.


Q: Who is the challenge open to?

A: Anyone who wants to sign up! Current and past clients, their friends and family, newsletter subscribers, Facebook followers, etc.


Q: What if I can’t make the kick-off meeting/bonus workouts/completion party/etc.?

A: No worries. Come to what you can – you can still sign up and participate – and get some awesome rapid fat loss results!


Q: Why is the price higher for new or inactive/returning clients?

A: The price for new/inactive clients includes four additional group personal training/boot camp sessions, meaning you’ll get seven boot camps total over the 30 days as a new/inactive client.

We have found from previous challenges that folks who work out at our studio consistently over the 30 day period of the challenge get the best results. So, we want to set you up for maximum success.


Thanks –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

Owner and head trainer, Forest Vance Training, Inc.

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