January 2011 Challenge Workout Results

Here’s the January 2011 Challenge Workout one more time in case you missed it:


10 Push Ups (knees for gals, standard for guys)
20 KB Swings
30 Walking Lunges (30 total steps)
40 Cross Body Mountain Climbers (one knee-to-elbow move = one rep)
50 Body Weight Squats

Do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes


And the results (score is total number of rounds + total number of exercises (all prescribed reps) finished; I also listed each location separately as East Sac folks had a slight disadvantage going up and down a set of stairs before doing each set of lunges):

Land Park

MG 4+4
SS 4+3
ES 4+2
LB 4+2
KG 4+1
SR 4+1
SK 4
LA 3+4
MA 3+3
SB 3+3
CK 3+3
EZ 3+2
AS 3+3
AA 3
PT 2+2
NP 1+3
East Sac
AG 4
SG 4
SP 3+4
NG 3+4
AK 3+3
EP 3+3
MB 3+1
PH 3
VC 3
Great job guys! Keep up the good work!

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