20-minute at-home 300-rep KB Challenge workout

I’ve had a lot of people request quick workouts that can be done in around 20 minutes. Kettlebells are the perfect tool for this. With a kettlebell or two and your own bodyweight, you can get a full body strength AND cardio workout in about 20 minutes. We can even work in some core andContinue reading “20-minute at-home 300-rep KB Challenge workout”

The 12 Days of Christmas Kettlebell Workout

Hey there, it’s Christmas time! I’m headed off to spend time with friends and family, but I wanted to send you this fun kettlebell workout beforehand. You can use it to celebrate and even burn some extra calories before the big day. Have a happy holiday! -Forest and the FVT Team at ForestVanceTraining.com – 12 Days of Christmas Kettlebell WorkoutContinue reading “The 12 Days of Christmas Kettlebell Workout”

Work Off Those Extra Calories With Our 500 Calorie Thanksgiving Workout

The holiday season is a time for indulgence. From pumpkin pie to Thanksgiving turkey, there are plenty of opportunities to overindulge. But all those extra calories can add up, leaving you feeling sluggish and bloated.  The good news is that there are plenty of ways to offset the damage. Our 500 calorie Thanksgiving workout isContinue reading “Work Off Those Extra Calories With Our 500 Calorie Thanksgiving Workout”

You-Go-I-Go Partner Kettlebell Workout

You and your partner will take turns completing a full round each in this 15-minute AMRAP workout, which includes kettlebell snatches, burpees, and air squats. See who the champion is after a single round or best of 3 rounds! After you give this workout a try, also be sure to sign up you and yourContinue reading “You-Go-I-Go Partner Kettlebell Workout”

Kettlebells for Abs – “Royal Flush”

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Forest Vance Training (@forestvancetraining) Kettlebells for Abs – “Royal Flush” Do 3 rounds of the following: 5 One Arm KB Swings (right)5 One Arm KB Swings (left)10 Mountain Climbers (per side)5 KB Cleans (right)5 KB Cleans (left)High Plank with 10 Shoulder Taps (per side)5 KB SnatchesContinue reading “Kettlebells for Abs – “Royal Flush””

Kettlebell Mobility Workout: How To Get Rid Of An Aching Body

For many people, the kettlebell is a great way to get a workout in. But what about when your body is aching and you need to stretch? This is where the kettlebell mobility workout comes in. This type of workout is designed to help you stretch and loosen up your muscles, as well as improveContinue reading “Kettlebell Mobility Workout: How To Get Rid Of An Aching Body”

How To Survive My Instructor’s “Fun” Workout Class:

Take away: When your coach is really excited about your workout, be prepared! In all seriousness, one of the reasons people keep coming back to FVT is because they can push themselves much harder with us than they could by themselves. In the next 12 weeks, if you work out with us just three timesContinue reading “How To Survive My Instructor’s “Fun” Workout Class:”

Get Your Body Moving This Labor Day: A 20 Minute Kettlebell Challenge

Happy Labor Day! To help you celebrate, we’ve put together a kettlebell challenge that can be done in just 20 minutes. This challenging workout will help you build strength and endurance, and it’s a great way to start your holiday off on the right foot! # 20 Minute Labor Day Kettlebell ChallengeDo as many repsContinue reading “Get Your Body Moving This Labor Day: A 20 Minute Kettlebell Challenge”