Eating Well While Eating Out – 3 Quick Tips

Two over-indulgent restaurant meals over a weekend can literally kill the progress you’ve made with your fat loss plan over the course of the week – here are three tips to help you stay on track and make good choices even when you’re dining out:

1. Cut Your Portions In Half

Just eat half of your meal. Portions at most restaurants these days are so ridiculously huge that eating half of your meal actually many times leaves you with a ‘correct’-sized portion.

2. Pick Your Favorites

Choose only one of your favorite foods – not all of them. In other words, you can get the cookie if you really want it, but eat healthy for the rest of your meal. Have the burger but skip the fries. You get the idea.

3. Skip The Caloric Beverages

Two regular-sized sodas can literally add several hundred calories to your meal. It’s just not worth it – skip the caloric beverages.

Keep those three tips in mind this weekend to keep your fat loss plan in check!

2 thoughts on “Eating Well While Eating Out – 3 Quick Tips

  1. Great tips Forest! We are going to eat out & following your tips will help! I love #2, it makes it real, I get to choose! Thanks!

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