Workout Plan from Chris Hemsworth’s Personal Trainer

Chris Hemsworth is one of the most popular actors today, and he gets into jaw-dropping physical condition for his roles in movies like Thor and The Avengers. I recently stumbled across a pretty interesting interview with his personal trainer, and thought I would share a few take-aways, since I know adding strength is a bigContinue reading “Workout Plan from Chris Hemsworth’s Personal Trainer”


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Daily “Shadow Strength” Joint Mobility Routine

I have been doing a joint mobility / stretching routine every morning when I first wake up for the last six or seven years, and let me tell you, it has been a GAME CHANGER! I feel that it helps with: Improving range of motion, flexibility, and overall movement for my kettlebell workouts Easing myContinue reading “Daily “Shadow Strength” Joint Mobility Routine”

Free “Fitness Scorecard” [download now]

The first step towards meeting a goal is making a plan, but you first must know where you’re beginning.  Take the test and find out exactly how you measure up using our key 8 components: -> You’ll see how you’re doing on these critical areas of fitness: – Daily Energy Levels– Healthy Hydration– Supportive Nutrition–Continue reading “Free “Fitness Scorecard” [download now]”

ANABOLIC PANCAKES (pics + recipe inside)

A lot of people think that eating to support their fitness goals has to be boring. Nothing could be further from the truth! The key is finding a few good recipes that: – Support your fitness goals– Taste good – Are easy to prep This “Anabolic Pancakes” recipe is a great example. I make these forContinue reading “ANABOLIC PANCAKES (pics + recipe inside)”

the Feb Fallout

Recent stats show that almost 80% of people have already given up on their New Year’s resolution by mid-February. Since it’s February 8th as I write this note, I thought I would check in: How are you doing with your resolution? Do you need help getting back on track? There are a number of reasonsContinue reading “the Feb Fallout”

My Favorite 5-10 Minute Flexibility Routine

Do you ever feel pain or stiffness when you get up in the morning? Me too! When I am consistent with my daily flexibility and mobility routine, I usually fell pretty good. But yesterday, I had a very long work day, plus did a hard workout. Because of an extra crazy schedule, I ended up missingContinue reading “My Favorite 5-10 Minute Flexibility Routine”

7 Minute Flexibility (stretching sequence inside)

I just finished off a short flexibility session this morning to start my day. This is something that I do almost every morning. I started the routine seven or eight years ago, and it has made a TREMENDOUS difference in improving recovery, mobility, conditioning, and overall athleticsim. If you are looking for similar benefits, andContinue reading “7 Minute Flexibility (stretching sequence inside)”