June Challenge Workout Results

Great job to all on this month’s kettlebell and body weight 300 challenge … here are the results:

ES 11:26
SS 12:07
AT 12:19
SG 12:45
KG 15:16
LK 15:40
SW 15:52
VC 15:53
NS 16:38
VB 16:47
BG 17:46
NG 18:45
AG 18:54
MB 19:14
EJ 20:40
Remember guys – the idea with these workouts is to:
1) Gauge your own progress and fitness level month-to-month
2) Mix things up and have fun!
So don’t get too wrapped around comparing your time to everyone else’s … the idea is to try and improve on the previous month’s performance and standing.
Have a great weekend!
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