Kettlebell Training For Fat Loss And Six Pack Abs

If you’re looking to shed some pounds and flatten up your stomach – and you’re not using kettlebells in your workouts – you’re missing out big time.

Kettlebell training is hands-down one of the best, fastest, and most efficient ways to both lose body fat and carve out those six pack abs.

KB’s train your abs in a very functional way – the way they were meant to be trained. As an example, a crunch is a typical movement that is used to train the abs. But the crunch is a movement that is very rarely used in real life.

In contrast, kettlebell training forces you to use your abs like you do numerous sports activities and in real life every day. Squatting while holding a weight in front of you (as in a Goblet Squat) or powerfully extending your hips and efficiently absorbing and decelerating force (as in a Kettlebell Swing) is about as real-life and functional as it gets.

Kettlebells also train your abs with full-body exercises – you end up blasting those abs and hitting a bunch of other muscle groups at the same time. And if we’re trying to burn body fat, that’s the name of the game!

Check out this quick video where I go into more detail on both of these points:

Sample Exercises
To further illustrate the points I cover in the video above, here are a few sample kettlebell exercises that do a great job of both working your abs and burning tons of body fat:

1. Renegade Rows

This exercise, while working a lot of other muscle groups at the same time, is probably one of the most challenging ab exercises you’ll ever do. Here’s an entire post on the Kettlebell Row and variations of it, like the Renegade Row:

The Kettlebell Row

2. Front Squats

Kettlebell Front Squats are one of the best kettlebell exercises for your abs. They force you to stabilize a weight in front of you and maintain a neutral spine (if you’re doing the exercise right, that is) through a very real-world and functional movement – squatting! Here’s the full article on how to do the Kettlebell Squat:

The Kettlebell Squat

3. The Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up is another fantastic exercise for your abs that can be performed using kettlebells. It is, however, highly technical – here’s an article on my Kettlebell Basics blog about how to perform it properly:

The Turkish Get Up

So there you have a couple reasons why you should be using kettlebells if your goal is fat loss and/ or getting a flat stomach … and three great kettlebell exercises for the abs. Incorporate these exercises into your existing routine and start reaping the benefits today!!

The Kettlebells For Fat Loss Workshop

Our group personal training/ fitness boot camp sessions include a good amount of kettlebell work … about 30-40 percent of a typical workout is done with kettlebells, including Swings, Squats, and Turkish Get Ups.
However, I get requests at least a couple of times per month for kettlebells-only group training – – right now, private training with me is the only way to get that kettlebells-only instruction.
The new Land Park training studio is in many ways the facility I’ve been waiting for to hold the next kettlebell workshop … plus, most folk’s goals include body fat loss, improved conditioning and lean muscle gain … so what better topic to cover in an upcoming workshop than how to use kettlebells to lose fat and get a toned and defined midsection?

This workshop would be delivered in four 45 minute group training sessions, held once a week, over a month’s time. We would take a group training session to address each one of these topics in detail:

  • Proper form on the basic kettlebell drills – including the Swing, Turkish Get Up, Clean and Press, and Snatch
  • The right and wrong way to use kettlebells to train your abs and lose body fat – with sample exercises and workouts
  • Advanced technique tips and drills to perfect your form
  • Integration of concepts into overall programming

And much more!

Please post in the comments section below, shoot me an email, give me a call or text message and let me know if you’re interested and we’ll make it happen in the very near future!!

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