‘Cardio Without Machines’ Workout Video From Land – Park Sacramento Boot Camp Instructor Forest Vance

I’ll admit it: I hate doing cardio.

If you’re the rare breed who actually enjoys pounding away on the treadmill for 45 minutes, more power to you! Keep doing what’s working for ‘ya.
But if you’re like me, you probably don’t like doing cardio much, either. Unfortunately, and especially if your goal is fat loss, you gotta do it.
Here’s the thing, though: There is an easier way. You don’t have to do cardio in a ‘traditional’ fashion to work your heart and lose body fat. I don’t – and I still manage to maintain a (near) single-digit body fat level all year round.
For one, as long as your heart rate gets up and stays there for an extended period of time, that’s cardio – in other words, combining body weight or weight training moves into a non-stop circuit is just as much of a cardio workout as is 45 minutes of eliptical time.
Also, research proves again and again that interval training (high-intensity, ‘burst’ cardio workouts like the one demoed in the video below) is actually superior to traditional, steady-state cardio (where you maintain the same low-to-medium intensity for the whole workout) for fat loss.
I made a video for you that shows how to get a great cardio workout without any machines at all … all you’ll need is your own body weight and a single kettlebell. I hope it helps you add some variety to your cardio routine! And feel free let me know what you think:

P.S. This workout that is a lot like ones we do in our Land Park – Sacramento Fitness/Kettlebell Boot Camps … if you’re interested in a complimentary ‘Test A Trainer’ session to try out a workout and see if it’s right for you (or know anyone who might be), contact me here or call (916) 273 9366. Thanks!

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