For anyone looking to drop a full clothes size in one month, watch this video.

What’s up Midtown and Land Park? Forest here from FVT Personal Training. We are considering doing a  28 day Drop a Size Challenge this Fall! Would you be interested? Watch the video for details, then click the button below to be added to the interest list: -> Fall 2022 FVT 28 day Drop a SizeContinue reading “For anyone looking to drop a full clothes size in one month, watch this video.”

Daily “Shadow Strength” Joint Mobility Routine

I have been doing a joint mobility / stretching routine every morning when I first wake up for the last six or seven years, and let me tell you, it has been a GAME CHANGER! I feel that it helps with: Improving range of motion, flexibility, and overall movement for my kettlebell workouts Easing myContinue reading “Daily “Shadow Strength” Joint Mobility Routine”

VIDEO: Post-Workout Stretches + Core Work

In today’s video, I take you through an 11-minute stretching / core sequence that is the perfect thing to do after your workout, or any time! If you like it, also check out info below on my upcoming Online/Home-Based “Sport Yoga” Series: Online/Home-Based “Sport Yoga” Series Kicks Off Thursday, September 9th – Click Here toContinue reading “VIDEO: Post-Workout Stretches + Core Work”

17-Min At-Home Stretch Video

If you are looking to increase your flexibility, de-stress, and improve recovery between workouts, check out today’s video! (It’s actually “day 1” of a 30-day flexibility / mobility challenge we put on a few months ago.) Like this video? You’ll LOVE: -> Sport Yoga Practice Class with Forest – Saturday, March 20th at 10am FREEContinue reading “17-Min At-Home Stretch Video”

Kettlebells for Abs Circuit – “Rippers”

The workout is from my new “Kettlebells for Abs” course… …and it’s called “Rippers”, ’cause we’re going to rip up those abs ???? We do 3 exercises, :30 each, :15 rest between moves, 3 rounds total: Bear Plank KB Drag-Thru KB Foot Taps Side Plank w/ Hip Dip Watch the video for a quick breakdownContinue reading “Kettlebells for Abs Circuit – “Rippers””

New Video – 7 min Bodyweight Only Strength Circuit

*Want to join our 14-day Jump Start Fitness Challenge to roll strong into 2021? Learn more here => Is there a possibility that you might be doing a little extra eating and drinking over the Hoidays? If so, here is one strategy you can use: bonus “mini workouts” like the one I’m sharing withContinue reading “New Video – 7 min Bodyweight Only Strength Circuit”

[new vid] 5-Minute “Crunchless Abs” Workout

Looking to get in some extra ab work? Try this 5-minute “crunchless abs” workout! Do as many reps as you can of each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds between moves. Do 2 rounds total: – Walk-Out; do a push up with each rep for added challenge – Side Plank with Hip LiftContinue reading “[new vid] 5-Minute “Crunchless Abs” Workout”

(video) “Metamorphosis” Single KB Complex

Got a new KB video up for you on the YouTube channel! – check it out at the link below. And don’t forget – if you’re also looking to improve your KB form, and make sure your workouts are both effective AND safe, you’ll be hard-pressed right now to find a better way to doContinue reading “(video) “Metamorphosis” Single KB Complex”