Meet Dan!

Seeing Dan now, you would never guess that less than three months ago, he was almost 20 pounds heavier.

For years he had tried losing weight using fad diets, various supplements and on-again off-again workout programs.

But when he decided to take our last rapid fat loss challenge, everything changed.

Spring 2014 FVT Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp


He lost 11 pounds in his first 30 days on our program – and has lost almost 10 more since.

In fact, just yesterday, he posted this message on Facebook:


Another kick *** workout with Forest Vance at FVT earlier … the workouts are TOUGH, but the results are astounding … in roughly 3 mos, maybe less, 17lbs and counting, 4 more to go and maintain …

If you want to feel great and shed some poundage, go see Forest on Riverside Blvd!


Wow. Congrats on your success Dan, keep up the awesome work, and so glad we can be a part of your progress!!

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