Meet Sabrina!

Sabrina came to FVT looking to get back into shape and on a consistent workout routine. Specifically, she wanted to lose about 15 lbs of body fat and add a little lean muscle.

Sabrina exceeded her goal, losing 18 pounds within the first three months … and even more impressive, has KEPT the weight off for the last three years since she very first started training at the FVT studio.

She’s also continued to get stronger, leaner, and in better shape every single month. For example, she recently worked up to doing her first pull up, she earned the coveted FVT Black Band, and has placed first in several of our monthly Challenge Workouts.

Way to go Sabrina, you rock!!

Just a few words from Sabrina:


“I have found that going to boot camp with Forest twice a week is my self-care. When I miss a class, I am upset!

It is addicting … in a good way. I always leave feeling better about myself after working so hard in class.

Forest makes class fun with:

1 – Fun music

2 – Different routines and circuit training every class so it does not get boring

3 – He’s funny

4 – It is allowed in class to make loud “in pain” noises and no one laughs at you

I have also found that I can run longer without it hurting after doing Forest’s class for a few months. My friend touched my arm recently and said, “wow! you’re ripped!” (not in a masculine way).

He sends emails out all the time to give health and fitness reminders, sends us articles, Facebook quotes to keep us motivated, and is always focused and ready to help us reach our fitness goals in class. I am so glad I joined Forest Vance Training!”


Again, BIG shout out to Sabrina – you are awesome and we appreciate you.

That’s it for now. Train hard, have an AWSOME workout today, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, Owner, Head Trainer, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

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