Meet Leanne :)

Leanne was around 20 years old when she first started working out.

She had about 30 pounds to lose, so she joined a gym, and hired a trainer!

In about 12 weeks of working with her trainer, she lost the 30 pounds.

This inspired her to get more into fitness, so she got certified, and started training at that gym. She was working one on one with clients while also continuing her own fitness journey.

For the next +/- 15 years, she trained and worked out the same way her previous trainer had taught her; lifting weights and splitting up her workouts each time. And she got okay results, and maintained the weight she had lost and her general fitness level.

Flash forward to 2016 and Leanne’s first boot camp at FVT! 🙂

Leanne’s first workout at FVT was really tough, because it was completely out of her comfort zone, and wasn’t the style of workouts she was used to. She hadn’t used kettlebells before, and there was a lot of cardio involved in the workout.

BUT – she liked how it was different, fresh, and challenging.

Since, Leanne has gone on to become a superstar trainer at FVT, and is a key part of the team and community!

But with the new workout approach and style, she has also made some big time improvements in her personal fitness. She has dropped 27 pounds since she started at FVT, and has kept it off. Her first day deadlifting, she could barely budge 135 off the floor, now she can do over 200. She has gone from swinging the 24 pound KB to doing the 53. She has gone from not being able to do a single pull up, to 6 with great form. And so much more!

We are so proud of you, great job Leanne! Here’s to continuing success in your personal fitness journey, and inspiring our clients to become the best versions of themselves!

– Forest and the FVT Team

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