A scrappy, scraggly tree

Sometimes you see trees thriving in the most perfect environments.

Good soil, good sun, good water.

And you think – “Wow, that’s beautiful – perfect water, a perfect tree!”

But then, a strong wind comes, or something else happens, and the truth is, those trees blow over pretty easily.

Then you take a tree that survives in a harsh, barren enviornment. Where there is snow and sleet and very little soil.

And you see these epic trees that hang in there and survive, and THRIVE – despite of all these hardships.

When WE are going though times – in your physical health, or in other areas of your life – I think this is SO important to remember.

That we WILL come out stronger as a result.

Keep grinding and pushing and stay with it.

That when we face new Challenges, compared to what we’ve experienced before, that they will seem EASY in comparison.

You can do this!!

– Forest



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