“4 Minute Fat Loss at Work” Lunch and Learn Opportunity

A long-time training client and good friend of mine was gracious enough to have me in recently for this talk at his place of business, for him and his team … so awesome. I wanted to share the opportunity with you – for you and YOUR staff – while it’s on top of mind, because the topic seemed to be a big hit!


This “4 Minute Fat Loss at Work” Lunch and Learn program – presented by former pro football player and local Sacramento gym owner and personal trainer Forest Vance – is designed to help your staff become healthier and learn how to make time to workout.

It’s a really good way to teach people how to understand what kind of workouts burn the most fat, and how to live a healthier life in general.

Here’s how it works…

We’ll select a day where your staff can take a collective lunch break. (All we need is about 30-45 minutes). I’ll come over to your place of work and educate you and your staff on:

– Lessons I learned from my personal weight loss efforts, when I lost 64 pounds in 7 months
– Why interval training is superior to traditional cardio methods
– How even with only four minutes a day – and the RIGHT approach – one can make positive changes!

Then I’ll take your staff through a metabolism-boosting four minute body weight – based cardio workout 😉

And – this could be the best part 😉 – I will also provide a healthy lunch, FREE of charge!!

The reason(s) I’m doing this are –

1) to help folks realize their fitness goals here in our community
2) spread the word about the FVT name
3) get some practice public speaking! 😉

This is totally free for your workplace and staff. And I don’t sell anything. It’s just great content to help out folks in our community – and if anyone decides they want to learn more about my fitness programs, then I’ll give them my number after the launch and learn.

To set up a Lunch and Learn at YOUR place of business for you and your staff, contact Forest HERE or call 916.273.9366.

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