March 2016 Challenge Workout


Check out the March 2016 FVT Challenge Workout:


— Work off of 30 second time intervals, “beat the clock” – style
— Continue through the workout until no longer possible … the total # of rounds 100% completed is your score
— Regular push ups for men, knee push ups for women
— 24k kettlebell for men, 16k kettlebell for women

First round =

2 swings
2 push ups
1 squat
1 burpee

Second round =

4 swings
4 push ups
2 squats
2 burpees

Continue in this fashion until no longer possible, climbing the ladder … MAX score is:

20 swings
20 push ups
10 squats
10 burpees


Let us know how you do! …

… results from FVT boot camp sessions will be posted later this week.

Thanks –

The FVT Team

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