Meet Paula

A friend of Paula’s had participated in one of our Rapid Fat Loss Challenges in 2013, and had gotten some great results.

She told Paula about her experience, and it inspired her to come in and give our program a try.

Over the last 4 years, Paula has gotten stronger and healthier by leaps and bounds (which you’ll read more about below in just a moment), and also has become a fixture in the FVT community 🙂

Let’s get right into Paula’s story …

Before FVT:

Paula’s workouts would consist of distance running and lifting weights at the gym.

But after having her baby, she wasn’t able to dedicate the same time she did before when she would workout alone.

She had a friend training at FVT, and after hearing and seeing about her great results, she wanted to come in and give it a try!


Paula was hooked after her first workout. The 45 minute high-intensity workout fit perfectly into her schedule, and with so many available class times, she was able to really stick to a routine.

A Few Milestones: 

Paula lost 21 pounds of body fat in the first 9 months of her training program … she not only has kept that weight off, but she also continues to get stronger and fitter by the month.

When Paula started, she was, in her words, “no where close” to doing a chin up … and she now currently can do 3 a row!

Before her training at FVT, Paula had never even picked up a kettlebell. Her strength training experience and knowledge was limited coming in.

Now, she is swinging a 53lb kettlebell regularly during workouts, and also recently pressed the 40lb kettlebell to earn the prestigous “2nd degree” FVT Black Band!

Advice to YOU:

 “Consistency is key to get results in the long run. Keep at it!

The great thing is, FVT makes it easy. These workouts are easy to fit into a busy schedule, 45 minutes and you’re done.”

“Also, the community feeling you get here is great. It’s nice to get that accountability and the FVT staff checking in when you don’t show up or miss a few workouts, it really helps keep you on track.”

Congrats Paula! Keep working and training hard! We are so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished, and are excited to see what new challenges you achieve this year and beyond!

– The FVT Team

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  • Minnie Takhar May 4, 2017, 1:29 pm

    It’s never fun working out without Paula to keep me on point.
    Paula has an amazing focus on working out and eating clean, she drags me along on the eating clean part, somedays crying and screaming.
    I’m so happy that she decided to give FVT a try.

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