May 2017 Challenge Workout

We just wrapped up our FVT challenge workout for May!

Each month our clients have a challenge workout as a way to measure their progress and test their strength. If you are looking to push yourself to new limits, we have an FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout June 24th, we’ll include the link below.

Here’s the workout in case you missed it:


May 2017 FVT Challenge Workout

– 12 push ups (toes for men / knees for women)
– 3 one arm KB squat to press per side (16k for men / 8k for women)
– 5 burpees
– 10 hanging leg raises
– 7 one arm KB swings per side (24k for men / 16k for women)
– 5 burpees
– 12 inverted rows

Do 5 rounds of the sequence above as fast as possible.


And the Results:


KE 15:16

DP 16:25

JD 16:48

JM 16:48

BC 19:15

SG 19:35

AL 20:00

NG 21:25

GV 21:30

CH 21:38

NW 22:55

PS 23:35

RK Modified



ZB 13:55

KP 15:04

GH 15:07

CB 15:44

JS 16:02

KE 16:24

BP 17:05

JM 17:30

DM 18:45

MP 19:40

AW 4


Great work everyone! If you wanted to take your workout to the next level, register for our Ultimate Challenge Workout! It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself, and also support a great cause, The Alzheimers Association.

Register Here:

Till next time –

– FVT Team

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