FVT Advanced / OCR Training Group

Hey, Happy Holidays everyone, hope you are enjoying the last few days of 2018!

We are considering starting up an Advanced / OCR training group next month, I wanted to gauge interest.

Here are the details:

– This is for folks who have a base of fitness established, and want to take their workouts to the next level
– We will be prepping for the following Spartan races in 2018: March 24 / 25 Sprint (San Jose), Jun 9 Super (Monterey), Sept 29/30 Beast (Tahoe)
– We’ll tentatively start the training ~8 weeks before each race (exact dates TBA) – so start mid-January, train for 8 weeks, do the Sprint, take a couple weeks off … start back up mid-April, train for 8 weeks, do the Super, take a couple weeks off … start early / mid July, train for 8 weeks, and finish out the year strong with the Beast
– We’ll tentatively do the training on Monday mornings at 6am, at our 1530 X Street location, and the workouts will go a full hour, 6am – 7am
– I’ll write up a complete workout plan for the week for everyone doing the training, so we’ll meet and work out together as a group on Monday mornings, but then you’d have a complete plan to follow for the rest of the time as well
– The cost will be about 150 for each individual 8 week training – which would include the 8 weekly special trainings, a plan for your off days, and a special edition / team FVT T shirt. I’m thinking we may do some kind of special also for anyone who wants to step up and commit big time and sign up for all three trainings, maybe 400 for all 3

Let me know if you are interested by replying to this message.

We need at least 8 people interested to make it happen.

Happy New Year! –

– Forest

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