Does it matter what you eat in terms of fats, carbs and proteins

John asks:

“Does it matter what you eat in terms of fats, carbs and proteins?”

– in response to yesterday’s message on my “8/16” FEED THE BEAST diet approach.

In short – YES.

How many calories you eat daily makes a very big difference too.

If you combine ALL of these things – the IF PLUS the proper macro balance PLUS the proper intake level – is when you are going to get KILLER results.

But don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds 🙂



Yesterday, I talked about how I eat most of the time – eat for 8 hours each day, and then fast for 16.

This is largely how I have been able to keep off the ~60 pounds I lost 12 years ago.

You simply choose a time frame that works for you. You can start at 9am and finish at 5pm. You can start at 12 noon and finish at 8. Whatever works for you. And it does not have to be the same 8 hours every day.

And then, during your fast period – do not eat 🙂 No caloric beverages, no alcohol, no food. Non-caloric beverages – like water, tea, and black coffee – are fine during the fasting period, but again, no calories of any kind.

But clearly, there are some specifics left out of this.

As John asks, there is no breakdown of fats, carbs, and proteins specified.

There is no specific calorie target specified.

There are no specific foods specified.

And to be honest, there is more than I can go into here, which is why I am putting this information together into a full – blown home study course, which will be available very soon …

But for now, here’s the steps to follow:

1 – Use a reliable calorie calculator, such at the one found on, to figure your needs, based on your goals.

2 – Decide on a “way” of eating that fits for YOU. There is no right or wrong here. In the FEED THE BEAST program, we give you “general balanced”, vegetarian, and paleo done-for-you options.

3 – Log your food. Use a reliable tracking service, like MyFitnessPal

4 – Weigh yourself regularly. Keep a log / chart. Realize that your weight will fluctuate a bit – up to 5 pounds or more in some cases – each day. But what we’re looking for is overall trends.

If you are making progress towards your goals – keep it up!

If you are NOT making progress – tweak as needed until you get there.



So John – hope that answers your question!

And hope it helps everyone else too 🙂

Use the steps outlined above to get started on YOU, version 2, for 2018 …

… and stay tuned for the FEED THE BEAST diet course, available very soon!

– Forest Vance
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach
Master of Science, Human Movement

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