the “Holiday Hold ’em” Plan

Happy Monday!! I just back from a trip to Louisville, Kentucky. I was there for a mastermind meeting with my business coach and some other industry colleagues. I am a big believer in coaching! Just like I coach men and women over 40 to get strong and lean with kettlebells, I have coaches in fitness,Continue reading “the “Holiday Hold ’em” Plan”

Can you “exercise off” a bad diet?

If you work out hard enough, can you “burn off” that weekend of off-the-rails eating? Seriously, what are your thoughts? Ponder this: It would be hard to do a higher calorie burning “workout” than running a marathon, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, you’re lacing up your shoes and running for TWENTY SIX PLUS MILES! YouContinue reading “Can you “exercise off” a bad diet?”

3 Ways Keeping A Diet Journal Can Help You Lose Fat

If fat loss is your main fitness goal, keeping a diet journal is a must. If anything, it will dramatically raise your awareness of what you are actually eating on a daily basis. Here are three more specific ways keeping a diet journal will speed up your fat loss efforts: 1. You’re probably not eatingContinue reading “3 Ways Keeping A Diet Journal Can Help You Lose Fat”

3 Healthy Choices at Subway

When trying to eat healthy and/or when trying to get and stay as lean as possible, making your own food is typically the best option. Ifyou have to occasionally eat on the run however, Subway can be a decent choice. Though Subway is commonly thought of as one of the “healthiest” fast-food chains, that doesn’tContinue reading “3 Healthy Choices at Subway”

3 (semi) Healthy Choices at McDonald’s

Frankly, eating at McDonalds is NOT ideal if you’re trying to lose fat, stay trim, and prioritize your health. BUT – I also know that people are going to grab fast food from time to time. If you’re going to eat at McDonald’s, here are three choices that aren’t as bad as the rest: #Continue reading “3 (semi) Healthy Choices at McDonald’s”