Meet Riley

Riley came to FVT in December 2016 at a starting weight of 105 pounds, with an initial goal to get to 125.

He’s put on nearly 40 pounds of muscle in the last 13 months, as well as adding hundreds of pounds to his bench / squat / deadlift total.

It hasn’t always been easy … but it’s been worth it!

You see, Riley was a little apprehensive about his first workout at FVT.

In his words:

“I was so self conscious about how I looked and how much I could exercise before I had to stop”

“I had no idea what I was doing, and all the stuff we were doing I could barely do”

BUT – he kept at it!

With persistence and determination, Riley continued to show up to workout on a regular basis.

And in no time, he began to feel and see results.

He’s put on nearly 40 pounds of muscle in the last 13 months.

He’s also improved his deadlift from 60 pounds to a current personal best of 205+, his bench press from 45 pounds to 135+, and his back squat from 95 to 185+.

And he’s got more goals he’s working for in the near future:

“After high school I’m going into the Navy, so the workouts here will help keep me on track”

CONGRATS Riley! We appreciate your hard work and positive attitude! Keep it up, and to your continued success! –

– The FVT Team

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