POCKET / GREENHAVEN ONLY – Heavy Lifting / Advanced Group

This is for POCKET / GREENHAVEN clients ONLY –

We have been talking about starting up a “Lean and Jacked” heavy lifting / advanced group at the Pocket / Greenhaven location for the last few months.

I have spoken to several of you about it, we are thinking about launching a special 6 week program as sort of an introductory offer, I wanted to know – would you be interested?

Here are details:

  • We are thinking of doing a 715am on Tuesdays and Thursday
  • You could do one or both days
  • Small group size – 5 people MAX per workout
  • It is what we call “semi-private” training – the workouts are built for the group that signs up and their specific goals; you get more coaching and form attention than you would in a boot camp; and the small group just feels more like personal training than it does a boot camp
  • Cost would be +/- 30 per workout / session (so cost for full 6 week program would be in the range of 180-360, depending on # of times per week you wanted to train)

This is a popular program at our Land Park / Downtown location, so we are thinking of starting up a couple of groups at the Pocket / Greenhaven as well.

Let me know by replying to this message or sending an email to forest (at) forestvancetraining.com – if we have at least 3 or 4 of you guys who are interested, we will officially open up spots!

– Forest

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