Announcing The Hard Core Conditioning Camp From Forest Vance Training, Inc.


From Fat And Flabby …
To Lean And Ripped!

Shed Stomach Fat And Get The Rock Hard Midsection You’ve Always Wanted …

Bad news first: If you’re trying to improve your core strength or lose fat around your midsection, hundreds or thousands of crunches every day or the latest ab contraption probably won’t solve your problem…
The good news is that with an intelligently designed workout program, a sound meal plan, and a little hard work, you can get a rock-hard, lean, and defined midsection once and for all!

Our new Hard Core Conditioning Camp could be just what you’re looking for. Beginning March 9th, 2010, Hard Core Conditioning will run on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 6am. The camp will be held at a reliable indoor location: Sacramento Bushido-Kai, 3200 Riverside Blvd #5977, Sacramento, CA 95818 (see map below for exact location):

We’ll be using a dynamite combo of body weight training, kettlebells, medicine balls, and more to blast your core and get you in incredible shape in a super-short amount of time. This will be a great program not only for losing stomach fat but for helping you get into fantastic overall condition as well.
Included in the boot camp program will be individual nutritional counseling in addition to monthly body fat, weight, and circumference measurements.
You get accountability, the high energy of a group, and a kick-ass start to the day!
Ready to sign up? Here’s the deal: We want to make sure you’re 100% committed to the program before you get started. Given that this is an indoor location, we also have a somewhat limited amount of space to work with.
To make sure we get the most committed and hardest working individuals, we’re offering a two-week free tryout to anyone who’s interested. You get to work out for two weeks for free and evaluate how you like the program. We’ll meet at the end, decide if the camp is a good fit, and move forward if you qualify.
That’s it! Camp starts March 9th – we have about 10 ‘free tryout’ spots left … contact us today to reserve yours!

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