Here’s A Quick Way To Get On Track With Your Meal Planning

Check out this free article for a great meal planning outline. It’s a perfect starting point if you’re trying to build a foundation of healthy eating habits … this plan can also be adjusted for different goals (fat loss, muscle gain, etc.). To access the article, click the link below:

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2 thoughts on “Here’s A Quick Way To Get On Track With Your Meal Planning

  1. Hi Forest,

    I had a question regarding protein powders. Could you recommend a couple for weight loss for women?


  2. Hey Vikki –

    Just something to remember first and foremost is that weight loss is going to come down to two things: eating less and moving more. So a protein powder isn't going to help you lose weight per sey, but it can be a quick, easy and healthy meal replacement or snack that can fit nicely into your weight loss program.

    I personally use and recommend Nutrilite brand protein powder (as well as their Double X multi vitamin, energy bars, and energy supplements) – I think it's a great, high quality product – the whey protein packets are what I use, they also have a soy protein and ready-made drinks you can take with you if fast prep is a factor – here's the link to our main Nutrilite site – you can see the different selections I described in the 'sports nutrition' section:

    NutriliteHealth Zone

    Let me know if you have any further questions as well –


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