the “Holiday Hold ’em” Plan

Happy Monday!! I just back from a trip to Louisville, Kentucky. I was there for a mastermind meeting with my business coach and some other industry colleagues. I am a big believer in coaching! Just like I coach men and women over 40 to get strong and lean with kettlebells, I have coaches in fitness,Continue reading “the “Holiday Hold ’em” Plan”

“Forest, how can I finally lose the weight that I haven’t been able to shed for years?”

People ask me almost every day: “Forest, how can I finally lose the weight that I haven’t been able to shed for years?” The answer – it depends! Every person is different. That’s why we look at YOUR specific situation and goals, and build your best plan of attack around that. A few things thatContinue reading ““Forest, how can I finally lose the weight that I haven’t been able to shed for years?””

#1 exercise for strength? (video)

Lots of talk about the “Next Level Strength” – Barbell Basics program we have going right now. *As of this writing, I can personally take one or two more folks for the program (depending on time / availability), Kendall can take two or three more, then we’ll be closing registration. Details and sign up hereContinue reading “#1 exercise for strength? (video)”

Total Health Quiz / Self Assessment (free)

Have you taken this total health and fitness quiz / self assessment yet? It’s free: => the “Fitness Scorecard” You’ll see how you rate on the nine most important areas of health, fitness, and well-being: Daily energy levels Healthy hydration Supportive nutrition Mobility Strength Cardiovascular fitness and endurance Active lifestyle Positive mindset So that youContinue reading “Total Health Quiz / Self Assessment (free)”

Download Your FREE Fitness Scorecard

Confused where to start, OR where to go next, on your health and fitness journey? Step 1 is to understand where you currently score across the 8 Fitness Indicators. Start your journey toward your personal fitness breakthrough by completing your Fitness Scorecard today: To your success! – – Forest and the FVT Team

14 Day “Rapid Shred” Protocol – Part 5

This is our last and final installment of an article series on the new FVT 14 Day “Rapid Shred” protocol. (Link to the first four posts in the series at the bottom of this article if you missed them) We are also wrapping up applications and registration for the program. Details and apply HERE. 14Continue reading “14 Day “Rapid Shred” Protocol – Part 5”

(video) 3 Simple Foam Roller Exercises

*Spots at our upcoming Flexiblity Workshop on May 9th are filling fast! Only 6 spots left to get the free bonuses (inluding a foam roller like the one I am using in today’s video). Details and sign up below: A foam roller offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage, including: —Continue reading “(video) 3 Simple Foam Roller Exercises”