September 2010 Challenge Workout, Quick Clarification and Tentative Land Park Group Session Times

Here’s the September Challenge Workout:

60 Body Weight Squats
50 Kettlebell Swings
40 Walking Lunges (total)

30 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups

Repeat sequence five times as fast as possible for a total of 1000 reps. The time limit for this challenge is 30 minutes (times posted will be finishing time or number of rounds completed in 30 minutes).

Good luck! You’ll need it 🙂

And a quick clarification: Group training sessions and one-on-training is going to continue as usual at Anytime Fitness in East Sacramento moving forward; when the doors open at the new Forest Vance Training, Inc. personal training studio on Sept. 20th, we’ll have about 10 group training sessions scheduled per week. The tentative schedule as of now is:

Tues/Thurs early (around 6am) and mid (around 8-9am) mornings
Mon/Weds/Fri eves (around 6-7pm)
Sat mornings (around 9am)

Here’s the link to the pre-enrollment special:
I’m taking the times folks are requesting as you all sign up for the pre-enrollment special in mind as I schedule classes – so I’ll have an exact schedule next week. And the special is $67 for two weeks of unlimited group training. If you’d like to reserve a spot (you have less than two weeks – and spots are filling up surprisingly fast), click the link below:

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