October 2010 Challenge Workout Results

Here’s October’s challenge workout one more time:

10 Push Ups
20 Kettlebell Swings
30 Walking Lunges (total – 15 each leg)
40 Cross Body Mountain Climbers
50 Body Weight Squats

Start with Push Ups and complete the entire sequence as fast as possible. Repeat the sequence again, starting at the top with Body Weight Squats. When you’ve completed the sequence twice – once ‘down’ and once ‘up’ – start again with Push Ups and do it again. Get as many rounds as you can in this fashion in 20 minutes.

And the results (total number of rounds completed):

AT 5+2
AG 4+3
SP 4+2
MG 4+2
LE 4+1
SG 4
BG 4
VL 3+3
NG 3+3
EZ 3+3
AK 3+2
MB 3
SM 3
PP 3
AS 2+4
NP 2+3

Great job guys! Keep training hard!

‘Till next month’s challenge –

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