October 2010 Challenge Workout

Every month at Forest Vance Training, Inc. Sacramento Personal Training and Fitness Boot Camps, we do a challenge workout. The idea with these workouts is to test your fitness level (although the workouts aren’t identical, you can track your progress and see how your fitness is improving when you do the workouts every month) and to challenge you both physically and mentally. They’ve been a huge hit since early this year – and will without a doubt remain part of our regular workout program.

Even if you’re not involved in one of our personal training or boot camp programs, I encourage you to follow the monthly challenge workouts and do them yourself (if they’re within your capabilities, of course).

Here’s this month’s challenge:

10 Push Ups
20 Kettlebell Swings
30 Walking Lunges (total – 15 each leg)
40 Cross Body Mountain Climbers
50 Body Weight Squats

Start with Push Ups and complete the entire sequence as fast as possible. Repeat the sequence again, starting at the top with Body Weight Squats. When you’ve completed the sequence twice – once ‘down’ and once ‘up’ – start again with Push Ups and do it again. Get as many rounds as you can in this fashion in 20 minutes.

Remember, the key is to push yourself to get as many rounds as you can in the allotted time – I’ll be posting the results later in the week if you’d like to see how your time stacks up.

Keep training hard!


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