New Sacramento Kettlebell Training Video

If you’re a fan of kettlebell training, I’ve got a new kettlebell workout video for you to check out – let me know what you think:

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Speaking of kettlebells, I wanted to quickly clarify about the upcoming Next Level Kettlebell Workshop I’m holding at my training studio. If you’ve been training with kettlebells for even a short period of time and want to learn some new drills, you’re invited!

The main thing I wanted to make clear is that I’m not starting from the very beginning – you need to have decent form on the swing, the goblet squat, and the Turkish getup to attend. (And even if you’ve never trained with kettlebells before but still want to come, I have an option that includes a one on one session to get you up to speed before the workshop). Get more details about the workshop by clicking below:

P.P.S. If you can’t make it to the workshop or in-person kettlebell training sessions, but you still want to learn more from me and take your kettlebell skills and drills ‘to the next level’, I just released a mega bundle of premium kettlebell workouts and videos over on my blog at a great discount that you may be interested in – for more details on that, click the link below:

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